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A new diet pill brings a just as new herbal ingredient to the table.

Top Rated Diet Pills of 2017
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One of the newer diet pills on the market positions itself as the fastest weight loss formula ever. It's a bold statement for RapidSlim SX that they try to support with clinical studies, natural ingredients and a patented production procedure.

RapidSlim SX is a doctor-formulated diet pill, designed for the fast-paced lives of women. The pill was created to be discreet and easy to take. It's a liquid gel caplet that uses LiQuick Fix technology. This means the ingredients have been reduced to a liquid state within the capsule. The RapidSlim SX will break down quickly in your body to deliver rapid weight loss.

One clinical study is presented, in which those taking RapidSlim SX versus a placebo lost an average of 14.5 pounds in eight weeks. Also, 29 percent of those taking RapidSlim lost 24 pounds during the same time.

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RapidSlim SX contains many ingredients. The most active are Hoodia, Cissus Quadrangularis and caffeine.

Hoodia is a wildly popular weight loss pill ingredient. It’s derived from the South African desert and has been used by the bushmen there for centuries to suppress appetite during long hunting trips. This natural herb is widely used in America in appetite suppressants with much success.

Cissus Quadrangularis is another herbal ingredient that has been around for centuries, however, this is probably its first appearance in a weight loss pill. Cissus comes from India and has traditionally been used to heal bone fractures or treat bone diseases like osteoporosis. RapidSlim SX claims research that supports its weight loss ability. The plant does provide vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants.

RapidSlim SX also contains caffeine. While a natural ingredient, it is known to cause nausea, racing heart and the jitters.


It is encouraged to exercise while taking RapidSlim SX to ensure optimal results. However, no specific direction is provided. The site offers a personal journal that you can download and print to keep track of daily food and exercise choices.


While RapidSlim SX does present encouraging clinical research and is made of natural ingredients, there is still little support of the main ingredient Cissus Quadrangularis. Side effects and long-term benefits are unknown. It would be helpful to have direction for an exercise regimen, as this is an area many dieters struggle with. There is broad availability of the product, making it easy for the targeted women to access it. As a newer product, it will take time for more solid research to surface, as well as user testimonials.

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Rapid Slim, Rapidslim, Rapid Slim XS

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does anyone know if I can get a refund? I paid like $20 bucks and only used it for about 1 wk & 1/2 because it made me sick!!


this is day 4. no weight loss.. and my legs are really swollen??? weird. anyone else notice this?

Jenny Dudley

I started taking the 2pills 2x a day lost 8 lbs in 2wks but have severe headaches and havent lost weight since but i have increased energy. Im now on my 3rd wk will try until the end of the 4th week and will post the results.


I think i'm going to stop taking these pills. I have developed a weird cough and my chest hurts. My throat is not sore... It just doesn't feel like a regular cold... I think it's best to stop before something bad happens and I develop worst complications. I will continue the eating and exercise habits though... it may take longer to lose the lbs, but at least it's healthy!


so I started this diet on 1/23, lost 4 lbs, but now i'm stuck...had to switch to 1 pill ea meal 2x a day because it was making sick. i'm eating right, but seem to be stuck & not losing more lbs! Is this hapenning to anyone?


After 2 pills felt horrable.Sick to my stomach and extreme headach. Had to call in sick. These pills should not be on the market.


I started taking Rapid Slim today, 1-23-08 and I do think it is working. I feel less hungry and more energy, but I will not know for sure unitl after a week or so. I hope it keeps working because it does not cost that much and if it can help me lose weight "GREAT"!


I started taking rapid slim 3 days ago and I am down 3pounds. Do not take past noon, it will keep you awake all night.


I started taking this yesterday (1-17-07). I don't have the jitters, per say, but my energy level has increased by 75%. I more motivated to get up and get things done, or do my exercise routine. More focused. Appetite is definitely diminished.


checked the rapidslim web site and there are only two success stories...has anyone used this?


something seems suspicious about this product. there's just not a lot of info to be found on it


after taking rapid slim i did not have the jitters but did experience an increase in energy I will post back with more results


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