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Jillian Michaels: Making the Cut

Jillian Michaels: Making the Cut

The famed Biggest Loser coach pens her second book about serious weight loss.

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Fitness guru, Jillian Michaels, known for her tough approach for losing weight on NBC's The Biggest Loser, has written a guide on how to drop those pesky last 10 or 15 pounds in 30 days. "Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You" sets itself apart from the myriad of fitness and weight loss books at your local bookstore because Michaels' program uses the process of oxidizing as a way to determine what kind of a metabolism your body has in order to lose weight effectively.

Michaels takes you through the steps to determine what kind of an oxidizer you are: slow, balanced or fast. Your new body classification then dictates what you'll eat supported by Jillian's own menus and recipes. She promises that you will feel comfortable in a bikini if you commit to her disciplined fitness and diet regimen. As part of Making the Cut, you must take a body fat percentage test and a "fit test" before starting the program as a measure to evaluate your pre and post self.

Michaels does not under estimate the power of the mind in the battle to lose weight. She includes helpful tips and advice for how to improve self-esteem and confidence. The book is also full of various exercises to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Michaels also unveils some well-kept celebrity diet secrets to get your body prepared before a big event.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Making the Cut’s approach to weight loss is personalized and sensible
  • Program focuses on the mental aspect of losing weight in addition to the exercise and nutrition components
  • Jillian Michaels is a popular weight loss coach with nearly 20 years experience
  • 30-day promise may be ambitious for many individuals aiming to lose weight
  • Making the Cut is not for individuals wanting to lose more than 20 pounds
  • Science behind the oxidizer theory has not been firmly established

Michaels supplies a list of recipes and menus for each of the three oxidizer classifications. As part of your commitment to the Making the Cut program, you are supposed to adhere to her menu and calorie plan.


During Making the Cut, you'll take a “fit test” which is outlined in the book. The test establishes your level of fit-ness and you are then required to exercise about 5 hours each week. Michaels provides you with various exercises to do. She also has her own line of exercise DVDs that can be purchased at an additional cost over the book.


There is no refuting Michaels’ knowledge and training expertise when it comes to getting in shape and losing weight. Her 30-day promise, like any similar promise is no guarantee but it packs a three-pronged approach of diet, exercise and mental awareness to help you to lose those lingering pounds. The clinical science behind her oxidizer theory is scanty but her belief that the road to weight loss is a personal journey that begins with changes in behavior, lifestyle and self-motivation is an important component that many diet plans disregard.

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Hello I'm A 28 year old and I Have a wonderful husband and 7 children.But I very over weight amd I need help I weigh 205 and I'm 5ft 4in

posted Apr 11th, 2008 3:19 pm


I have gone over the book w/a fine tooth comb and was so excited about starting the program. I did start 4/7 and have lost 3lbs in just 5 days. The work outs are very intense but go by fast. The first two times I worked out I almost threw up several times thank God the third day was an off day. However I did hurt in all the right places. I worked out again last night and it went better than the first. The meals are very time consuming but I am so dedicated to doing this for myself that it has been worth it so far. They are very tasty too. Stuff that I will continue to eat after the 30 days are up. I am hoping to lose at least 7 but I am working hard to lose 14. I will let you know how it is coming along.

posted Apr 11th, 2008 3:19 pm


My daughter (23) and I (48) just finished the 30 day plan in Jillian's book. It is for people w/ 10-20 pounds to lose and we did it. We look great, but the meals were a lot of planning, time, etc. The workouts were hard, but not impossible. I would have liked more cardio. I did more on my own but my daughter would have done more had it been in the book. The Making the Cut book is not for people starting a big weight loss and she says that on page one.

posted Mar 28th, 2008 2:56 pm


jillian michaels is no doubt tough. I would imagine her book paired with exercise is going to change your body...5 hours of working out each week would improve anyone's body


i am 45 single mom 330 plus lbs, two diabetic children, have disabling problems that most my exercise needs to be in water,...ever considered a biggest loser chalenge in water????? or even for us disabled and somewhat disabled biggest loser challenge.....????


can you say thorough??? This woman is a genius and her website has everything you can imagine for the plan. you will see results with this


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