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Hoodia Fusion Powder

Hoodia Fusion Powder

Here's the self-proclaimed King of the Hoodia craze.

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Hoodia-Fusion Powder claims to be the only Hoodia product you'll ever need, reporting that it does more than any other Hoodia supplement available. Hoodia-Fusion suggests the benefits of its product are the obvious appetite suppression via Hoodia, as well as burning fat and boosting energy. While limited ingredient information is available, it appears to contain many natural ingredients. It is available without a prescription and only via the website.

Hoodia-Fusion Powder contains caffeine, green tea with ECGC, South African Hoodia and chromium.

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  • Low glycemic
  • Powder to mix with beverage of your choice
  • Citrus flavor
  • Contains authentic, proven Hoodia
  • Detailed explanation of the science behind the product
  • Product ingredients not prominent
  • Contains caffeine
  • No diet or exercise recommendations
  • No clinical studies
  • No FDA approval

There are no recommendations or discussions of exercise from Hoodia-Fusion Powder.


Hoodia-Fusion Powder appears to offer the same benefits of other Hoodia products, in that it will suppress appetite. Hoodia-Fusion claims to also provide a fat-burning element as well as increase energy. The energy claim must be a result of the caffeine, and this ingredient is can cause a racing heart, the jitters and nausea. More information is preferred to make an educated decision before purchasing.

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Hoodia Fusion Powder, Hoodia Powder, Fusion Powder

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  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Hoodia Fusion Powder
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Go to a GNC store. They have it and its certified. Make sure a lab is accociated with it as with GNC stores


I also ordered the free samples and only paid shipping, the day the supposed trial ended, they charged my card $90 and said they could only refund me for half because I had signed the agreement there was no agreement. I too sent e-mails, to no avail. I kept trying the phone number and finally did get to speak with someone. I am still waiting for them to send me what I paid for which was 7 days ago.


I was tricked into the $4.87 trial offer and I did not agree to the $89.97 follow up, Hoodia Fusion sent me an e-mail saying that my e-mail address and account had been deleted from their files and that this was my last shipment according to the "agreement" next thing I know I get another e-mail 1 month later 12/4/2007 saying the exact same thing and a credit card charge of $89.97 again. I called my credit card company, they will take the $89.97 charge off of my account and will dispute. I can never get a person to answer from Hoodia Fusion. This is not the first forum of complaints that I've seen for this company.


I also tried their free sample and I didn't realize that they would keep sending me more. I returned the first package and clearly stated on the package that I did not want this product anymore but they sent me it again! I just talked to Renee (total dumbass) and she says they never received the product and therefore cannot refund my money. She says that someone will call me when it is received. It was sent over a month ago. I have concluded that I was just scammed out of at least $90 bucks. I am afraid to send this package back for fear of the same result. At least if I keep it I will have something to show for the $90 bucks. The company is a bunch of tools and I would strongly suggest NOT buying from them.


I have been drinking Hoodia Fusion for three months and have lost 28 pounds. I found that I need to drink it 2-3 times a day for the most effectiveness. I highly recommend the product for anyone wanting more energy while losing weight.


i also was scammed into the 4.87! I then looked at my credit card statement and saw that they took $90 bucks from me. I sent the first one back and then received another i called and asked if i was going to be charged for this second one but she said i had a 14 day trial and since i didnt call to cancel the first one which i didnt know i would be charged 89.97 in the first place , so now im not sure if they are going to take another 89.97 out. This is a big scam and i am pist.


I love this product, however I am having problems getting it in Australia. The compnay has not shipped my order - is there a more reliable source where I can purchase it?


I was also tricked into the $4.87 trial offer. It said nothing about my being enrolled in program. I also got to additional shipments and was charged the $90.00 The email address they gave me for correspendence was no good. Please don't order anything from this company. I heard Oprah endorsed this product. I wonder if she has any idea what they've done to us!!!


This company is a fraud and needs to be stopped. I too signed up for the free 14 day trial for $4.87. Before I even could try the sample I received another shipment and was charged $89.97. I was also told via e-mail that I would be deleted from their files but again a month later received another and an add'l $89.97. I never agreed to this. On top of that the product gave me severe stomach pains so I couldn't even finish it. Somehow, someway this company needs to be stopped. They are thieves!


Over a month ago, I ordered and received a free sample of their product. I agreed to pay for the samples shipping. Nothing more. I was not made aware that they would continue to send me the product. Last week two separate envelopes each containing two packages of Hoodia Fusion were delivered. I was charged my Visa 89.97. I I have made several phone calls ,but only receive an answering machine. It took them a week to return my call, leaving a message. The service rep seemed very disoriented while leaving her message. She stated I was charged $89.97, but they would only refund me 54.97. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I have sent two prior e-mails, but they came back undeliverable.

Jennifer A

I am currently using my sample of Hoodia Fusion Powder. It doesn't taste that great, but if it worked I could deal with it. However, I have found that yes, it does boost my energy, do to caffiene, I assume. It gave me the shakes and nausea and did not keep me from feeling hungry. I will continue to use it until it is gone, but in my opinion this is not a good Hoodia product.


This company is an absolute rip-off! Don't buy from them. Good luck getting any response from their phone lines. Ha Ha hoodia fusion, I have taken my experience with you thieves to th law. "The bad guy will not win this time"!


The FBI is on your trail. You'll never take another dime from my account.


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