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Eating for Life

Eating for Life

Bill Phillips is a star in the dieting community. Find out why his plan is so popular.

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Bill Phillips, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Body-for-LIFE is one of the most respected experts on health and fitness. In his book, Eating for Life he lays out a non-diet and sensible eating plan that lets you enjoy foods you like most without interfering with your weight loss. You won't be left feeling unsatisfied either and forced to give in to common pitfalls. Eating for Life was developed to show dieters how to eat better foods, at the right time of day, properly matched with smart portions. Eating for Life will have you consuming plenty of water, vitamins, carbs, necessary fats and protein. The plan will also teach you the proper quantity of food to eat and it gives you easy ways to figure out how much is a healthy portion. You'll practice Eating for Life only six days, with the seventh being a freebie day to eat what you like without repercussions. The bonus day doesn't leave you craving much, as your meals for the six days can include french toast, eggs, filet mignon and even ice cream.

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  • Eating for Life is a long-term approach to eating right and maintaining weight loss
  • Built-in cheat day prevents feelings of diet deprivation
  • Bill Phillips is a well-recognized and formidable voice in healthy living
  • Eating for Life is a lifestyle eating plan, not a plan for quick weight loss

Eating for Life has you dining on six small and balanced meals throughout the day in order to keep your energy level sustained and your body constantly nourished. The non-diet is comprised of 40%-50% lean protein and 40%-50% carbohydrates and is low in fat. The book also offers over 240 pages of healthy recipes. Sample recipes are available at Bill Phillips’ website, including Chicken Parmesan, Sante Fe Soup, and Fish Tacos.


Even though the crux of the book is about what and how to eat, Phillips recommends exercising three times a week performing a combination of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise.


Based on Phillips’ philosophy that eating should be pleasurable and satisfying, he has put together a sensible eating plan that will not leave you hungry at the end of the day. And the fact that you can have a cheat day will make this more likely about life-changing health rather than yo-yo dieting.

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The recipes are simple and delicious. My whole family likes the meal and my teens are learning to cook using this book because it's laid out so well.

posted Aug 17th, 2010 2:28 pm

tina beasley


i would like to know where i can find the right lite that is used in many of the recipes....

posted Oct 5th, 2009 5:09 pm


I think it's great. The recipes in the back of the book are so good and plus one day a week I get to eat whatever (and I mean whatever) I want without feeling guilty. I don't even feel like I should be losing weight, but I am. I have lost 13 lbs and counting. By the way this book was recomended to me by my doctor.

posted Oct 1st, 2009 11:16 am

C Mininni


I don't see this a diet cookbook. To me, it is a cookbook for preparing and eating balanced meals and snacks. Eating this way gives you more energy and keeps you satisfied in what you eat. It's great if your dieting... and great if yor not! I changed my diet prior to working out (I know, they recommend doing it the other way around) to see how this plan would impact me, and I did feel an improvement in just my overall feeling of being. I wasn't bloated anymore and I carried myself better. AND I was eating 5-6 times per day!!! I'm glad I purchased this book!

posted Sep 9th, 2009 4:02 pm



Healthy eating, teaches portion control, is a long term approach, allows for satiation becaue you are eating every 3 hours. How did I live without it?

posted Apr 10th, 2009 6:05 am


I would have to echo the comment about the Body for Life component. Eating for life is not a lifestyle change in itself but was designed to help those following the nutrition component of the Body for Life lifestyle. We have loved this book for years and never tire of the amazing recipes!!!

posted Jul 25th, 2008 10:49 am


This program and book is the best!! I am never hungry but have had amazing results when following it. If you want sweets while on it, try the cheesecake, and protein pudding, they are both to die for and what keeps me eating "clean" all week long. This book is the best investment I ever made in myself and eating habits.

posted Jun 11th, 2008 10:14 am


I have done this alongside the body for life excercise regime and have to say it's great. I have seen a transformation that if you had told me I could achieve I would have laughed. give it a go.

posted Mar 14th, 2008 7:09 am


I have been on this lifestyle change for just over a year and I am very pleased with the results! Not only do I look better - I have so much more energy and just feel better all over! My joints no longer hurt, and I am back in a size 6 - something I haven't seen since high school - and I am 50 years old!! Best book ever!!!


We must not forget that this is for LIFE and not just for 3 months. A day off each week to eat what you want keeps the motivation going. And to be honest once you've got into this life changing regine, the cravings reduce and you don't want a hugh blow out day...but you can if you want


I think this way of eating completely addresses sugar, chocolate and whatever else you want to eat on your "free" day. And if you have it on your "free day" it certainly is not cheating


Well, you do get to eat a lot of things you like and if you eat well all week and you can reward yourself with a sweet on cheat day. Fruits are sweet and tasty and help me kick the craving. It's definitely worth giving up a few things- I'm really pleased with the results so far.


Eating for life doesn't seem to address sugar, I need a diet that lets me keep sweets in. With a name like Eating for Life I need desserts!


Eating for life is a great alternative to some of the other more intense ways of losing weight.


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