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Detox Body Wrap

Detox Body Wrap

Wrap your body and lose inches around your waist. Supposedly.

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Celebrities have brought detox programs to light recently, making it not only seem like a trendy way to lose weight but also a healthy and fast method. Detox Body Wrap is one product that will allow you to experience the benefits of detoxifying your body, at an affordable cost and in the comfort of your own home. The Detox Body Wrap makes a lofty claim that you'll experience instant weight loss and lose up to six inches in less than an hour.

Detox Body Wrap has natural sea clay that you apply to your body and wrap in the large bandages provided. This will draw out the toxins in your pores and fat cells.

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It's true that removing toxins from your body can aid in weight loss efforts and promote better health. Detox Body Wrap claims to be clinically tested, although this information is not presented on the website.

  • Benefits common problem areas
  • Detox programs offer many benefits
  • Claims immediate results
  • There is not any mention or recommendation for healthy diet and exercise.

The only ingredient mentioned is Natural Sea Clay. The company does not go into detail about anything else. There are not any accompanying supplements.


Detox Body Wrap does not make any mention about diet or certain foods you should avoid or incorporate. It does suggest that drinking plenty of water will help yield results.


Detox Body Wrap does not promote or recommend any exercise regimen.


There are definitely benefits to doing a detox program. Detox Body Wrap says you'll lose inches, have clearer skin, reduce cellulite and stretch marks and tone skin. Many of these benefits are likely true, although the loss of six inches in one hour is a hard pill to swallow- and the product does not provide enough information to support this claim. The cost is relatively affordable, when you compare similar treatments at a spa. Without the inclusion of a healthy diet or regular exercise, it seems likely the results would not last.

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i did one a few years ago, but they told me that it's only temporary and you have to keep coming back like a tanning salon. :( Also, it's not literally 6 inches, it's one or so inches off several areas.

posted Mar 12th, 2008 9:18 pm


I figured it out at my 2nd wrap. When they measure you before the wrap, the assistant's fingers are UNDER the tape measure giving the illusion that you are an inch (at least) bigger than you actually are. Then, of course, after the magic wrap, the tape measure is pulled as tightly as it can be without looking tight so that you can 'see' the lost inches!!!! Once you add up the inches from thigh, hips, waist, bust and upper arms - you can see how the numbers stack up. It does leave you with soft skin, but a weight loss aid it ain't!!!!

Elaine S

I've tried this detox body wrap and it works! Be ware though, the results aren't permanent, but they are instant


Has anyone tried the detox body wrap? I want to try it but it doesn't seem realistic


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