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Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan

Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan

Eat like a Biggest Loser with fresh meals from eDiets.

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  • Founder: eDiets
  • Headquarters: Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • Stock Symbol: DIET
  • Accessibility: Online meal delivery
  • Diet Type: Meal delivery
  • Gender: Male and female
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During the past five years, Biggest Loser has not only helped its contestants regain their lives through healthy weight loss and eating, it has inspired the world to do the same. Each week, the aggressive workouts trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper put the contestants through are right there for all of us to see. What viewers miss out on are the insights into their diet. Through the Biggest Loser Club and new book Biggest Loser Secrets, fans have slowly gained access to the inside workings of the show.

Now, Biggest Loser introduces its very own meal delivery plan. Not only can you learn how to eat healthier, but you don't have to cook any of it. The Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Fan will deliver directly to your front door. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner the way the Biggest Loser contestants would eat, without ever having to lift a finger. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Biggest Loser has partnered with one of the highest quality meal delivery programs, eDiets. Together with the Biggest Loser nutrition experts and doctors, they've created meals that will help you lose weight, stay fit and learn healthy nutrition for a lifetime.

Whether you're a fan of Biggest Loser, or a fan of living healthy and enjoying gourmet foods- then you should consider the Biggest Loser Meal Plan.

Follow-along with [Barb's in-depth review][1] of Biggest Loser Meal Plan (when it was managed by Bistro MD) as she journals her experience in the Diet Column.

  • Designed by Biggest Loser doctors, nutrition experts
  • Partnership with eDiets
  • Meal delivery for weight loss is proven successful
  • Convenience and time savings
  • Home delivery
  • Order online or on the phone
  • Gourmet meals
  • Focused on nutrition and quality flavor
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Very convenient way of dieting
  • No exercise guidance provided with meal plan
  • Cannot customize meal plans
  • Does not teach you how to make your own healthy and portion-controlled meals
  • Not many vegetarian options
  • Doesn't include many fresh fruits or fresh vegetables

One thing you'll never say with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan is "I'm bored!" The Biggest Loser eDiets chefs keep it fresh by continually updating the menu. Just like the Biggest Loser contestants, your meals will cut the fat, reduce calories, include little-to-no sugar and feature plenty of lean protein sources like turkey, fish and seafood, and chicken, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Mark Kruger of season five says "It is all incredibly tasty and well put together. I love the fact that the nutrition information is with the package and easy to read. Because of that I know exactly where my calories are with every meal."

There are few options available for vegetarians- but it can be done. They'll simply replace the meat-concentrated meals with vegetarian-friendly, although the choices are limited. There is no opportunity for customized menus; however, if you do not eat seafood, you can request those meals be replaced with a different protein.

The Biggest Loser Meal Plan by eDiets provides two flexible meal plan options – the 5-day meal plan and 7-day meal plan – that are prepared and shipped in chill-fresh coolers directly to members’ homes or offices. The wide selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options has been approved by the doctors and nutritional experts from “The Biggest Loser.” The delicious entrées span a wide variety of cuisine and will offer distinct flavors for every palette.

A glimpse of some of the meals you can look forward to enjoying include the following:

Breakfast options include:

  • Spinach Egg Breakfast Wrap
  • Homestyle pancakes with egg whites and blueberry compote
  • Hearty oatmeal with chicken apple sausage and a side of applesauce

Lunch options include:

  • Tortilla-crusted tilapia with rice, beans and Mexican roasted corn
  • Chicken and shrimp curry over rice
  • Pork sandwich with pineapple and carrot slaw

Dinner options include:

  • Deep dish polenta pizza with chicken and vegetables
  • Sweet potato stuffed chicken breast with cumin cauliflower masher, peas and pearl onions
  • Lemon butter salmon with brown rice and sauteed spinach

Snack include:

  • Biggest Loser trail mix
  • Soy crisps
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds with spices
  • Biggest Loser vanilla almond bar

While it's obvious that the Biggest Loser has a significant focus on exercise and fitness, there are no plans included with the meal delivery. This is not to say that other options aren't available. Via the Biggest Loser Club online, several book releases, trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels each have DVDs and books lending fitness guidance - all options provide a wealth of information to keep you moving to supplement your diet efforts.


The Biggest Loser Meal Plan really is the best of both worlds- you'll enjoy a gourmet, doctor/chef created menu to help you lose weight all shipped from one of the leading healthy meal delivery services, eDiets, two brands that can be trusted to ensure you're eating healthy, learning better nutrition, and losing unnecessary pounds.

Each week you'll receive five or seven meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You'll save time that would have been spent shopping, chopping, measuring and cooking. Instead, you can fix a healthy breakfast, take lunch with you and have dinner ready in minutes.

You've seen the weight they can lose on Biggest Loser, bring that kind of knowledge into your very own kitchen with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan.

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Tricia Rubens

Horrible customer service, confusing web site and info with meals, meals are horrible - slimy eggs, acid tasting veggies. Gravely disappointed

posted Jun 13th, 2011 4:36 pm


The breakfasts are not satisfying or tasty and it is quite expensive. I prefer diettogo.

posted May 26th, 2011 10:15 am



I did the meal plan for two weeks. The food was pretty good, though the plan was a bit expensive. My problem is that I have some really busy times where I don't eat every meal, so I started having lunches/dinners pile up in my fridge. I got others to eat them but it seemed like a waste of money for me. Tried to find out how to cancel online and I couldn't. Finally called customer service today and found out that when you start it's a FOUR WEEK COMMITMENT! Meaning if you try a week and don't like it, you can't get out of having three more shipments (the most you can do is skip a week or so). They wouldn't even cancel for me today. I have to call in next week (once the fourth shipment has arrived) and cancel it then. Really such a pain!

posted May 16th, 2011 5:53 pm



I got my first 5 days of meals. The bottom of the box meals were warm...it had just been delivered was not sitting on porch ..I waited all day for it. The bottom meals were warm and one especially was blown up like a balloon. Not cold enough..I consider it a waste of my time and money.

posted May 10th, 2011 9:27 pm


ok seriously ?!?! its 300 more expensive then nutrisystem, thats 3600 a year, with that and tax return you can get a tummy tuck lol

posted Apr 11th, 2011 10:34 pm


Food is great. It's certainly easy to not have to cook. I was on nutrisystem & nutrisystem really bothered my stomach and tasted awful. The customer controls are terrible. I ordered the 5 day plan. It took 2 weeks to get the first shipment. They forgot one lunch and one snack. One container was broken, and they gave me a meal that I didn't order, which was seafood (I'm allergic to seafood). There is no way to specify your allergies on the site. There is no way to get replacement food - they just credit your account, so on a 5-day diet, I was only able to eat it 3 days, which really sucks. They did credit my account though. I did lose weight on it, and did not feel hungry. Also, a better explanation of what foods we can use as dairy/fruit to supplement the program would have been helpful. There is limited information on their website. It is also expensive.

posted Mar 28th, 2011 12:24 pm


My husband and I have been on this plan for five weeks. It IS TRUE that the meals arrive broken sometimes. I called customer service and they credited my account back for the damaged meals. No big deal.
They taste a heck of a lot better than Jenny Craig. I was on Jenny for 4 months and I can tell you they were like TV dinner cardboard compared to these meals. The only difference is the snacks. I'll be the first to say Biggest Loser snacks suck. On Jenny, I got things like chocolate muffin, with Biggest loser, it's soy nuts most days. One week they sent a great viariety of some cookies, sweet potato chips, etc... and that was great. But the next week, back to soy nuts. You can choose your meals, but cannot choose your snacks.
And one thing is for sure, there is NO DIET CONSULTANT! On Jenny you have someone holding your hand, on this you are on your own.
Having said that, my husband and I feel better than we have in a long, long time. I have lost 12 pounds, he's lost nearly 20 (in 5 weeks). I've hit a plateau and was starting to waver, but my husband actually said that he wanted to stay on it because the food is good and we both feel great-- which is true. And not having to cook and clean up is awesome.
SO I give the diet a big thumbs up despite the few faults. I asked for a discount and got it when I called (20%) because there were going to be five of us, but three didn't do it. They still gave me the discount so I pay about $155 a week with shipping included for the 7 day plan. I used to spend that eating out easily. I fugured that I am worth that, and honestly I would pay anything to get this weight off. It's better than the $3K per week to go to the ranch.

posted Mar 23rd, 2011 9:14 am

Patsy Hunsaker

Are the biggest loser frozen meals available in grocery stores yet?

posted Mar 16th, 2011 2:50 pm



I just cancelled my account this week. I was furious when I got my meals that they had subsituted 33 % ( 7 meals ) with meals I did not want. When I asked them why they said the items were popular and they ran out and they have the right to do that. So if you are towards the end of the packing list you are probably not going to get what you ordered.

posted Feb 9th, 2011 7:56 pm



Meals were all very watery and just not good overall. One meal had both compartments broken. I wasted $300 because I wasn't able to stop my order soon enought to cancel the 2nd week. Would not recommend.

posted Jan 30th, 2011 10:47 pm


Don't do it. It's a horrible..horrible program. Customer Service is not even thought of in this program. The menu that is on line is not what you get. They will send you what they want to send you and not what you are supposed to get. Each week something is wrong. Meals are broken due to the poor containers they use. Two weeks in a row I received no snacks at all. The labels on the food are wrong. It's just a BIG mess. I was very disppointed. I gave it four weeks before I cancelled. I was hoping it would get better.

posted Jan 20th, 2011 4:37 pm


Some of the meals are great. I am losing weight. Customer service & quality control are horrible. 9th week and errors EVERY week. They substitute meals on whim & regularly, saying they run out. If they improve that, I'd give them an A+.

posted Jan 17th, 2011 11:19 pm

Jeannette Maurer

Just returned from doctor. I am heading to a borderline diabetic if my diet doesn't change.

posted Jan 5th, 2011 6:27 pm


For those that keep asking how much the program costs, here you go; You can pick either the 7 day or the 5 day program. The 7 day program is $153.65 per week (21.95 per day) & includes 21 meals & 7 snacks. The 5 day program is $119.75 per week (23.95 per day) & includes 15 meals & 5 snacks. You ALSO have to pay shipping & handling with either option & since I did not order it I have no idea how much additional charge that is. Hope that helps yall.

posted Jan 3rd, 2011 4:16 am

Marie Honsinger


need some info on how much this will cost, thanks

posted Dec 30th, 2010 4:34 pm


hi i just want to know is biggest loser meal plan really works? i want to loss 25kg so please give me idea

posted Dec 25th, 2010 11:38 pm


I called the customer service center to find out if any of the ingrediants were organice since we all know that the pesticides etc used in commercially grown foods can mess up your hormones etc. (Thank you Jillian for explaining it so well in "Master Your Metabolism"-Awesome book yall)
Anyway, I was told very quickly that none of the ingrediants are organic and none of the meats are free range or organic. When I tried to ask a few more questions I was told that without being an actual registered member, they would not speak any further to me about their products.
THAT was all I needed to hear. Sounds like they are trying to hide something to me. If they were truly proud of their products and had nothing to hide, why would they be reluctant to help inform me about what they want me to injest into my body?
I was very dissapointed in how they handled them shelves and it personally seems to me that they are no better than any other typical corporate company out there just wanting your money.
I'm not saying to buy or not buy this product but i am saying you may want to research it a little more. Jillian Michaels book "Master Your metabolism" is extremely enlightening and helps you really realize how much we are lied to about items we eat etc. that are "labeled" as good for us. Being informed is the best offense and defense we have when it comes to our health. Also if you haven't seen it, "Food Inc." is a wonderfuly informative movie as well about our food etc.
Best of luck to everyone.

posted Dec 21st, 2010 5:04 am

Lindy Norris


The food is very watery after heating. Their heating instructions are not even close to accurate. I received the wrong snacks and no documentation with my first order. Called to inquire and had a less than ideal customer service experience. Requested a cancellation and they said I had to pay for a 2nd week as you have less than 20 hours from initial delivery to cancel.
Stupid Policies, mediocre food, and expensive!!!

posted Dec 17th, 2010 2:57 pm

Pat Balmos

How do I get started and how much does it cost?

posted Dec 15th, 2010 8:32 pm


how do i get started and what is the price to start this

posted Nov 8th, 2010 12:44 am


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