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Action Burn iPad and iPhone App

Action Burn iPad and iPhone App

A social workout tracker

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Action Burn app allows you to log your workouts and share them online with other users for feedback and motivation. Your iPhone's GPS will track and log your cardio workouts and estimate the calories you have burned, and a large list of exercises allows you to log any physical activity you get during the day, from organized workouts on your Wii to incidental exercise like gardening.

Log your workouts everyday, then post them to your profile online where your Action Burn friends can comment and provide motivation. You can also share your workouts on Facebook or Twitter to stay accountable.

Action Burn and is free to download (as of publishing date August 1, 2011) and was created by 2 fitness enthusiasts in need of a convenient place to track their workouts.

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  • Track running and bike workouts with your iPhone's GPS
  • Track strength training workouts and incidental exercise in one place
  • Online social media network allows you to connect with other users for motivation
  • Post your workouts to Facebook or Twitter
  • Unlocking trophies is fun and motivating
  • The app is free to download
  • GPS cardio tracking not realistic for iPad
  • Except for GPS stats, everything just be entered manually
  • Long list of activities hard to navigate
  • Time consuming to make manual entries

There is no diet or nutrition component to this app.


Just like with most exercise logging tools, you use the Action Burn app to track your workouts. After filing out your profile with your personal stats, you simply find the exercise you performed or type it in manually, the amount of time you worked out, and how many calories you burned.

There is a huge list of activities to choose from, everything from weight lifting to gardening, which is so long and specific it can take forever to find the correct activity. You can save so much time by simply adding your activity in by hand.

The best fitness feature is that you can activate your iPhone's GPS and track your running or biking cardio workout, and the app will track your distance, average pace and estimated calories burned. Your iPad, however, doesn't make for the best cardio companion, so iPad users miss out on this convenient feature. Aside from the cardio workouts, everything else must be added in manually.


The social component to this app is awesome. I've never come across a fitness centered social network that runs much like Facebook, allowing you to "like" and comment on others' entries. It is a great place to find motivation and connect with other fitness minded people.

However, if you are just looking for a quick and easy place to keep track of your workouts, you may be better off with a pencil and paper.

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this sounds like a terrific app, i think keeping track in the progress i am making is going to be a huge motivation to surpasse myself. Now, i need to find an app to motivate me in getting started! :)

posted Oct 19th, 2011 1:05 pm


is it a free app?

posted Oct 11th, 2011 5:18 pm


its kinda cool for an iphone application to track ur exercise progress and have all those people who cud "like" and motivate what you are doing, however, the downside for me on this is what if i am a semi-sedentary person and that the only exercise i get is the short walk from my car to my doorstep? in my opinion, intelli-diet (an iphone app also) is also a big help for my diet coz i cud track what i eat and my calorie intake. exercise with nutritional diet will let you achieve that great bod u've been wanting to have.

posted Aug 3rd, 2011 1:52 pm


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