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2 Day Diet Pill

2 Day Diet Pill Review: Does it Work?

Japan's Linghzi diet pill receives FDA warning.

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What is it?

The 2 Day Diet Pill is a weight loss pill made with natural ingredients said to have helped thousands to lose weight. There are ingredients included which are used in ancient Chinese medicine.

The intended benefits are increased metabolism, flushed out toxins, appetite reduction, and fat burning. There are many different websites claiming to offer the “real” version of this diet pill, but it’s unknown who truly owns the brand. In reviewing this diet pill it was revealed that the FDA cited them for adding the illegal drug sibutramine without people’s knowledge. Our experts have rated many different weight loss diet pills and found that Sletrokor was the most effective. It contains natural plant based extracts to provide well-rounded weight loss support. Learn more information about Sletrokor by clicking on the link here.

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2 Day Diet PillIngredients and Side Effects

No ingredients label is provided, but there is mention that the following are contained inside in unknown dosage strengths:




Seman Purni


Wheat Germ


Lingzhi: The oldest known mushroom which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s believed to help with improving lifespan as well as severalother unproven benefits.

There have been some clinical studies ran testing whether it can treat sarcoma cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, but this was performed by a potentially biased Chinese group. Little information about its true effects or possible symptoms is known.

Ebony: A black hardwood made smooth and polished. It’s often used to serve as an ornament. It’s unknown what this ingredient is meant for, as the websites which sell 2 Day Diet Pill fail to provide any information about it.

There are no available clinical studies showcasing what it can do and whether or not it’s safe to use. There is very little information about its use available online, as it’s often only used as furniture or tools.

Click the link provided to see a comprehensive listing of the top ranked weight loss diet pills.

Tuckahoe: This can mean either an edible plant or type of fungi. It’s unknown exactly which the creators of the 2 Day Diet Pill are using. They fail to mention what it’s intended for, and what kinds of effects it may have.

One version of Tuckahoe is a plant used by the Native Americans as a source of food, though it was known to be difficult to eat as it would take hours of cooking. The other form of Tuckahoe is a mushroom that is used in Chinese medicine to aid digestion.

Very little information exists about the use and safety of either ingredient.

Seman Purni: In researching this ingredient the only available information of its use is that it’s added to this diet pill. This makes it impossible to identify exactly what it is, what it’s meant to do, and whether or not it’s safe in the dosage included.

Discoreae: Chinese herb similar to yams. It’s used to improve digestion and aid the kidneys. There have been some clinical studies performed, but it’s unknown whether or not it may produce side effects.

Wheat Germ: Cereal germ which is the embryo of a seed. It provides a nutritionally balanced assortment of vitamins and minerals. It also contains some carbohydrates and a few calories.

There is no information on whether or not the wheat germ added to the 2 Day Diet Pill has any calories or macronutrients.

The link cited here has a list of the 10 highest rated diet pills in order.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

2 Day Diet Pill Quality of Ingredients

It’s unknown at what dosage strength these ingredients are added, and some of these additives have no explanation anywhere as to what they’re intended to be used for.

Some of these ingredients have been used in Chinese medicine for a long time, but they often lack clinical studies to prove their worth. For much of what’s added there is a question about its use, safety, effectiveness, and whether or not it offers the intended benefit.

One ingredient in particular is Seman Purni which has no available information about what it is or what it’s meant to do. This raises a lot of questions about the overall safety. Without being able to study the effects of these ingredients it’s impossible to determine whether or not they’re of quality. The highest rated diet pills can be seen in the list featured here.

The Price and Quality of 2 Day Diet Pill

The 2 websites that sell this diet pill offer different prices. The cheapest price is for a month long supply selling for $24.99. This averages to a daily cost of 83 cents.

No dosage strength for the ingredients is offered anywhere. There are also questionable additives that either have no information about their purpose, no clinical studies, or that are good but can be purchased for cheaper on their own. This includes wheat germ which is a food rich in nutrients that is sold cheap.

There’s a lack of explanation for some ingredients and unfortunately no information exists about them anywhere else. This makes it impossible to determine the overall quality. Taking unknown ingredients while also not knowing the overall strength can be seriously harmful and unsafe.

There have been issues due to the illegal drug sibutramine as you’ll read in the “Business of 2 Day Diet Pill Section” as well. Due to all these issues it makes this diet pill a poor choice for supplementation.

Business of 2 Day Diet Pill

There are 2 main websites which sellthe2 Day Diet Pill, one claiming to be the original and the other saying it’s the official seller.

It’s unknown which company is telling the truth. An official statement by the FDA did mention that this diet pill contained:

amounts of active pharmaceutical ingredients far exceeded the FDA-recommended levels, putting consumers' health at risk”

There were levels of the drug sibutramine, which is a controlled substance used to suppress appetite. It was once only advised to be used in the recommendation of a doctor due to potential side effects. Since then the FDA has banned it due to:

“increased risk of cardiovascular adverse events, including heart attack and stroke”

This is likely the reason why there are 2 websites claiming to offer the real version of 2 Day Diet Pill. This will often be the case for companies who sell all their stock and withdraw from selling direct to avoid any further FDA citations. A listingof the highest rated weight loss diet pills can be seen in the link provided here.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using weight loss pills for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of 2 Day Diet Pill

Here are some available reviews quoted:

“lost no weight, now trying to get my money back. So far no luck with that either, Don’t waste your money”

“you don’t really see weight loss difference”

I’ve noticed a lot of stomach pain and a bit of tachycardia”

“been having a constant headache”

There has been a lot of confusion from people who aren’t sure of who is selling the real version of this diet pill. Many mention they were sold tainted or ineffective versions of this pill.

There were repeated issues with thirst and dry mouth as well. Some experienced weight loss, but due to the illegally added sibutramine, this is possible. However, taking unknown amounts of a drug can be potentially harmful.

Some users did mention severe side effects and that they felt cheated to have purchases these potentially tainted pills.

The comprehensive best of list of the highest rated weight loss diet pills is available here.

Conclusion - Does 2 Day Diet PillWork?

The 2 Day Diet Pill claims to be an all-natural weight loss pill that can provide many benefits. The FDA found that it contained levels of the potentially fatal Sibutramine which is no longer sold even as a prescription. There have been some customers who also experienced side effects such as nausea, headaches, extreme thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, and other side effects. It’s also unknown who the makers are of this diet pill. There are 2 competing websites claiming to offer the real version, which usually happens when a company stops selling a diet pill direct due to FDA complaints. It’s clear from the violation that the company no longer wants to be associated with this tainted diet pill.

Our experts have ranked and rated several diet pills for weight loss and found Sletrokor was the most effective. Sletrokor has only natural stimulant free plant extracts made to increase metabolism, reduce appetite, improve mood, burn fat, as well as several other benefits. It’s free of any binders, fillers, colors, or any unnatural additives. Customers have left positive testimonials on the official website mentioning how effective it is for weight loss.

Sletrokor is also backed by a full 30 day money back return policy. This risk free guarantee allows for returns with no questions asked for the entire 30 days. To learn more about the benefits of Sletrokor click on the link here.

How Does 2 Day Diet Pill Compare?
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  • 2 Day Diet Pill
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User Feedback

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maria gaona


this pill is great in less than a month i lost 30 pounds and i feel great and have more energy. I am glad that this pill exists

posted May 21st, 2012 8:02 am


Can guys drink this ?

posted May 11th, 2012 4:25 am



Where to buy 2 day diet pills? Sam, where did you order your pills? I haven't seen a ton of recent reviews for 2 Day Diet, so I'm curious as to who sells the "real" pills these days. I used to take the pills a few years ago and I'm hoping to buy some this week, but want to make sure I'm buying from a reputable site. Any suggestions? Thanks!

posted May 7th, 2012 8:30 pm


I'm selling these on ebid at the mo.

I've done as much research as poss and the indication is that the ones I'm selling are authentic.

I been taking them for over a week and lost 7 lbs. Drinking alot more water than I used to and I've had to cut done on my tea drinking but other than that smooth sailing.

posted May 7th, 2012 2:22 pm



Took the pills in 2009... went from 205 down to 175.... lost a total of 30LBS... I did some light exersise and counted calories.. then I stopped in 2010....fast forward to 2012... stopped working out and always snacking now I'm back at 208 LBS.. so I started taking the pills this week once again. I do get muscle stiffness in my hands it might be that I'm drinking to much caffene (rockstar java) so ill stop with the caffeine and give an update... if you watch what u eat and drink a lot of water they work.

posted Mar 18th, 2012 7:54 am


well i started the pill yesterday and 3 hours after i was dizzy light headed and tired couple of hours after that i had sharp pains in my stomach that had me bent over in pain and it really hurted but i was told it was my digestive system getting use to these pills later that night i had sharp tight pains in the chest and now im scared to take my pills basically because i have high blood pressure already and this pill drove it up and that's where my side effects came from but i have family that has lost over 30 pounds with this pill and i basically have to face these pains for the next couple of days and I'm really scared it may cause a heart attack and i like living think i will go the all natural way :) goodluck guys

posted Mar 11th, 2012 10:47 pm


Been taking for 2 month and lost 4 kg.
so far no problem unless drink less water then will have headacne.

posted Dec 4th, 2011 1:30 pm


well im start driking these pills but i have a quick q i only wanna lose my stomach as so called my love handle but i have a big booty if i was to drink these pills will i lose my but or just my side fat im so confuse any help....

posted Nov 18th, 2011 1:57 am



I have been taking this pill for about over 2 months now and went from a size 10 to 6.
Yes I do drink a lot more water than I used to (about a gallon a day now).
No I do not have cravings.
No heart racing UNLESS I have coffee within 6 hours of taking the pills. This I already knew because I was warned when I purchased them. Any kind of caffeine consumed with the pills will cause the heart racing, nervousness, and the like.
Yes I do have problems with bowel movement. However if I do eat unhealthy/greasy/junk food I usually have to go within 12 hours. To solve this my husband makes me take laxatives.

Within the last 2 weeks I have been trying to go off the pills gradually by taking just 1 a day. I found that I get hungrier and have more cravings. This is also true if I take 2 pills and do not drink as much water.

As far as diet is concerned I have been eating healthier. I don't omit anything out of my diet because I found that doesn't work for me in the long run. I consume more veggies and fruits, less junk food, and very little sweets. For example I don't eat potato chips but I do have lavash chips or pitas with hummus for lunch or dinner. I snack on a banana, or a handful of grape tomatoes, or almonds throughout the day every few hours when I feel hungry or to keep me from being starving and eat more later.

I do try to move around more (well the trips to the bathroom from the amount of water you drink would naturally helps lol). I don't go to the gym or anything but try to do little things while I'm at work so I don't feel as bad.

Overall I haven't had anything problems or side effects with this product as long as I don't take any caffeine with it. Before reading about the FDA warnings I have already been trying to go off because I do not want to depend on the pills forever. I don't think it's healthy to do that. So I guess I will post an update for when I stop taking the pills and if any lbs come back. (I'm so scared though:-/)

One last thing, I've noticed (and been told) that I am bit bitchier since I've started the pills. Have anyone else experienced this??

posted Nov 12th, 2011 3:42 pm



sounds kind of scary

posted Oct 10th, 2011 4:38 pm



I want to get this pill and I would have automatically when I was younger I do now take into consideration health affects and I want to make sure I am getting somethig high quality but for a couple of days I think its ok I just need to see quick results then step down to a more sensible plan for diet and weight loss.

posted Sep 27th, 2011 1:08 pm



I have been taking the Lingzhi diet pills for two months and then according to all the reviews found they are probably the fake ones. I guess the fake works for me as I lost 25 lbs.
I have researched the mushroom (also known as Reishi) on the internet and you can buy it in it's pure form alot cheaper than this pill.

posted Sep 24th, 2011 3:50 am

shaira alexa soriano


how much is the 2 day diet pill?

posted Aug 13th, 2011 9:50 pm


I have been taking it for about a 3weeks and the product has worked amazinly i have lost 15lbs. it does supprest ur hunger and make u a lil dizzy but becuase ur not eating as much. Although it DOES NOT give me dry mouth i do crave water. And it stops my sweet tooth cravings. Some foods i cant even smell like burgers cuase i will throw up. i love the product idk if its authentic but it works

posted Aug 6th, 2011 3:08 pm



I have been taking it for abt a month now. The first couple days, it gave me diarrhea, with weird sounds in my tummy. I believe I ate the same amount cuz its just lately that I really feel the appetite suppressing. I thought I wasnt loosing weight but when my co-workers started telling me I tried on a pair of jeans that was tight and it was swinging. The scale didnt move but the inches were. I do exercise too, though.

posted Jul 13th, 2011 8:30 pm


Do not buy from take2diet they are all fake and if you buy from china, all their products are more likely all fake and not worth your money!!! Does anybody know a website where I can buy straight from Japan?? Thank you

posted Mar 1st, 2011 1:05 am


I think i've found the REAL 2day diet, no dry mouth, no constipation, like it said no side effects. It's my sec day, so YAYyyy, before this i was taking fake one from Amazon. omg constipation is crazy, and dry mouth and headache, i did open the two pills to compare, yeah one from amazon is too fake, i took it 2 weeks with no result. So im excited for this new pills. Contact me if u want some Texaslilybooty@yahoo.com

posted Feb 16th, 2011 8:30 pm



my mother in law gave me some of these pills she had because i really wanted to lose about 10-15 pounds. I took 1 every day for 2 week and I've lost 4-5 pounds! SO exciting!! i can't wait for prom! :D we live in Stockton,CA and she said she bought some from our local Asian stores.

posted Feb 13th, 2011 8:08 pm


where can i find AUTHENTIC 2 day diet lingzhi? i've spent hundreds of dollars on trying to get the real ones again..

i even went to my local nail shop today and bought some.. come to find out, they are fake as well!!

posted Feb 7th, 2011 8:31 pm


This is not Japanese product, this is Chinese. Poor.

posted Feb 1st, 2011 6:17 am


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BACKGROUNDBACKGROUND Start the Diet Now Advertisement

The 2 Day Diet is one of the 28 diet pills that the FDA has recently issued a safety warning for. The 2 Day Diet, which might also be known as the 2 Day Diet Japan Linghzi Slimming Formula, contains the potentially dangerous ingredient sibutramine. The supplement is supposed to keep your body from digesting fat once you’ve consumed it. It is also intended to speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite. But sibutramine is a stimulant, similar to amphetamines and is associated with causing heart attacks, strokes and even death.

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  • None to speak of
  • FDA warning
  • Risk of heart attack, stroke and an elevated risk for cancer are associated with taking this product
  • Will not produce long-term weight loss
  • Incomplete ingredient list

The 2 Day Diet contains sibutramine, lLingzhi, Ebony, Fox-Nut, Tuckahoe, Seman Pruni, Dioscoreae, wheat germ, Nature Substance.


You are instructed to take one capsule before breakfast. The label suggests that you can increase your dosage to two or three capsules each day providing your body tolerates it.


There are no specific diet or exercise guidelines that accompany the 2 Day Diet but the product does suggest that you exercise in order to firm up the more fat-prone regions of your body like your abs, thighs and arms.


The 2 Day Diet is a Japanese diet pill that contains an ingredient list that the FDA has warned against because of the product’s potential to cause serious side effects. Heart palpitations, irregular heart beats, dizziness, and other more serious symptoms have been linked to the drug, sibutramine. This ingredient is very similar to the stimulant amphetamines but unfortunately, this ingredient is not always listed on the product’s label. But since the FDA has cited the 2 Day Diet as one of the supplements that contains it, you should heed their advice and avoid it.

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2-Day Diet, Two Day Diet, Two-Day Diet, Two –Day Japanese Diet, 2 Day Japanese Diet, Too Day Diet, Today Diet

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