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‘Tyler Makes Pancakes’ Aims to Get Kids Eating Healthy Through Food Awareness

In an era of obesity in our country, the message of healthy eating and knowing where our food comes from has become more important than ever; especially when it comes to our kids.

And in this great time of need for awareness, powerful movements like Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution have sprung up to get our nation thinking more consciously about our health.

The latest of those movements? Tyler Florence’s new children’s book ‘Tyler Makes Pancakes,” which teaches kids about the importance of eating healthy through the story of a little boy named Tyler and his curious dog, Tofu.

Throughout the book, the likable pair go on fictional adventures to discover where food comes from and how to cook with it. One such adventure takes them to a local farm where Tyler learns that eggs come from chickens. Small lessons such as this can teach young children a surprising amount about the importance of eating whole foods. (more…)