Tyler Florence Releases Children’s Book, ‘Tyler Makes Pancakes’

Food Network star Tyler Florence is crossing over from chef to author with his new children’s book ‘Tyler Makes Pancakes.’

Florence is a proud parent himself to three kids, ages 15, 5 and 3. Being a chef, it was a natural desire for the new author to teach his own children about food. After realizing there wasn’t anything else like it on the market, Florence and illustrator Craig Frazier jumped at the chance to write a book that teaches children from a very small level – around pre-school age –  where food comes from and how to prepare it with several kid-friendly recipes.

‘Tyler Makes Pancakes’ tells the story of a 6-year-old boy named Tyler and his chubby dog, Tofu. The pair goes on imaginary adventures throughout the book, including a trip to a chicken coup on a nearby farm where Tyler and Tofu learn that eggs come from chickens.

Florence made a recent appearance on The Today Show to promote the book and to make he and his family’s favorite blueberry buttermilk pancake recipe, which is featured in the book.

The simple batter consisted of whole wheat flour, eggs, blueberries, sugar, baking powder and soda, buttermilk, salt and a splash of melted butter. For those opting for a less hearty option, Florence says using half whole wheat and half all purpose flour works just as well. For a similar recipe, check out our Better Blueberry Pancakes.

Florence says he loves reading the book with his kids at night and then making these pancakes in the morning. To serve, Florence plates up the pancakes with powered sugar, a few more blueberries and a splash of maple syrup. And alongside the cakes he adds a little bacon for protein.

The author expresses that the purpose of reading the book with your kids is to get them started cooking in the kitchen at a young age so they’re familiar with where food comes from and how to cook it. As we know, this has been touted as a key ingredient in the move toward getting our children healthier and away from obesity.

One Amazon user, Anne, gave the book a stellar review saying, “When this book arrived in the mail, my children sat down on the couch and started reading…They loved it. I loved it, too. The grocer [in the story] explains where all of the ingredients come from. For kids who live in the city, I think this is a great book.”

‘Tyler Makes Pancakes’ sounds like a great book for parents who want to get their kids learning about food and healthy cooking at a young age. I’m not a mother…yet, but this book will be on my list when the time gets closer. The book is now available online and in bookstores nationwide.

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