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Saturday Morning Drill: Body Weight Workout

Many of us look forward to the weekend for several reasons, whether we have big plans or are just ready for some rest. If you’re like me, you have a hard time getting yourself to the gym on Saturday mornings when there are so many other things you’d rather be doing (like sleeping in).

When you finally do get up and around, there are a lot of workouts you can do right in your own home without any equipment other than your own body weight. These exercises are a great switch up from your regular gym routine and can benefit your body no matter how intense your normal workouts may be.

For this week’s Saturday Morning Drill, we’ve come up with several body weight and plyometric exercises that will get your blood pumping, sweat dripping and help strengthen your upper body and core. Among the many benefits of plyometric workouts are muscle development, speed, agility, endurance, coordination and fat loss. Let’s get started.

Saturday Morning Drill: Workout Ball Express

If you’ve ever fumbled your way around a workout ball, this is the Saturday Drill for you. Though incorporating new equipment into your fitness regimen can be bit uncomfortable at first, branching out and trying new things will ensure you won’t get bored and lose your enthusiasm for exercise.

Plus, breaking out of your normal routine often adds a new element of challenge that can surprise your body, engage new muscle groups and ultimately leave you fitter as a result.

Here, we outline seven simple exercises all using a workout ball. Try going through all the moves at least once. If you’re really looking for a sweat, repeat it once or twice more.

Additionally, if you don’t have a proper workout ball, you can always make modifications by using a chair or bench for the seated exercises, and a weight or a small ball for the lunges and squats.

Saturday Morning Drill: Fitness Challenges For the Whole Family

Have you ever tried to motivate those around to get active and received a less-than-desirable response? This happens to me all the time, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped trying; I’ve just changed my approach.

When you’re passionate about health, it’s natural to take interest in the health of others. However, doing so without tact is unwise. If you try and force someone to come to join you chances are you’ll scare them off, which is the opposite of what you want.

One simple way I’ve found that makes exercise more fun is to make it a challenge or a game. For instance, parents can challenge their kids to pick up all the loose toys around the house. The winner receives an appropriate reward be it a trip to the zoo or a special outing to their favorite restaurant.

For couples without kids, challenging each other with little contests can be a great way to inspire each other toward health and foster intimacy. On a recent jog with my husband, I suggested a sprint challenge. Whoever won two sprints out of three got to decide where we ate that night. My husband won by a long shot, so Chipotle for dinner it was; although I think we both won with that healthy dinner choice. (more…)

Saturday Morning Drill: Soccer Skills

If you’re like me, you’ve already put in at least three or four solid workouts this week. While Saturdays can be a time of rest for some, I say why not get active for 15 minutes before kicking off your weekend relaxation?

As a former soccer player, I know how intense of a workout the sport can be. In this weekend’s Saturday Drill, I’ve taken seven of my favorite soccer practice exercises and turned them into a workout anyone can do – soccer player or not. For this short drill, you’ll need a soccer ball or an object of similar size. Once you have your workout gear on and your ball in tow, it’s time to get started!

Saturday Morning Drills: Workout to Tone Arms

Too often I think the arms get forgotten about when we’re working on our fitness. So today, I want to show you an arms workout you can do at home to tone the muscles without adding bulk. Just follow along on this video and then insert these exercises in to your routine.

Equipment needed: 3-5 pound weights

Perform the circuit once, then as you get stronger repeat it twice! (more…)

Saturday Morning Drills: Olympic-Style Cycling

We’re now well into the Olympic Games and the excitement has officially set in. Watching American athletes compete so passionately inspires us to want to get out there and hit the pavement, dunk the ball, and stick that landing, too. And today? We want to get down and dirty on the road, cycling style.

To really channel our inner cyclists, we’ve summoned the help of the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for a seriously intense interval workout that you can do at home on a stationary bike, or on the road with a road or mountain bike.

Developed by ACE’s director of professional education, Anthony Wall, this roughly 1-hour workout is sure to blast calories and get your heart rate up quick with a series of challenging intervals.

One hour of cycling can burn between 400-700 calories. But if you don’t have a full hour to devote, simply scale back and shorten your interval times or the length of your warm-up and cool-down.

To measure your level of exertion during the workout, determine your rate of perceived effort of RPE before starting by using a simple 1-5 scale – one being easy and five being difficult. Once you have that scale in mind, it’s time to get started. (more…)

Saturday Morning Drills: Legs of a Dancer

Dancers are elegant and graceful when on stage, but off stage they can be total gym rats. In ballet those delicate moves are possible because the dancers pay much attention to their fitness, especially their core and legs.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get more shapely, sexy, toned legs, then this workout from the new FuseDance Cardio Lean will get you started.

Watch the video and follow my lead to knock out a workout first thing this morning and give you the energy to take on your entire weekend!

Perform these fabulous exercises to get beautiful long, lean, toned legs of a dancer and have fun all at the same time! (more…)

Saturday Morning Drills: The Ultimate Pushup Guide

If you are looking for a great way to tone your upper body as well gaining more strength, pushups are an excellent choice. Another reason they rock is because you can pretty much do them anywhere. Pushups strengthen your arms, shoulder, back and even your core!

If you are first starting out, start by only doing 5-10 and focus on proper form. Unlike many other exercises, you can perform pushups everyday. Make it a goal to do 100 pushups everyday. To make it more attainable, break them up into smaller session of 10 or 20. Pushups are very challenging but if you stay consistent, you’ll soon see amazing results and start gaining confidence!

The following guide provides you with eight different variations of the pushup. It includes options for beginners all the way to more advanced moves. Try all of them and see which ones you like the best!

View The Ultimate Push Up Guide Slideshow


Saturday Morning Drills: Get Sculpted Legs

In this 15 minute workout we are going to focus on getting sexy sculpted legs by doing high intensity exercises with little rest. This routine will turn your body into a fat burning inferno!

What to do: Before you start, make sure you have properly warmed up. Do the following routine a total of three times, making sure you spend 30 seconds resting before starting the routine over again. Also, you can hold on to light weight dumbbells to really kick it into over drive.

The Routine

Side Lunge– Standing with feet shoulder width apart and arms by your side, take a big side step with your left leg. Bend your left leg while keeping your right leg straight. Keeping your back straight, lower your arms till your hands are near your left ankle. Hold for a few seconds then bring your left leg back to the starting position and repeat with your right leg. Repeat as many times as you can for 1 minute.

Sumo Jumps– Stand with feet wider than your shoulders and squat with elbows bent. While raising your arms, jump up. Lift your knees up as high as you can in the jump. Land softly back in the wide stance. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Front Lunge– Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Take a big step forward with your left leg, bending your left knee until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Make sure your back is straight and you are not leaning your back or head forward. Picture a horse on a carousel. Bring your left leg back to the starting position and repeat with your right leg. Repeat as many times as you can for 1 minute.

Squat Jumps– Squat with feet shoulder-width apart and jump up while raising your arms up in the air. Land softly back into the squat position. Go for 1 minute. (more…)

Saturday Morning Drills: Fun Ways to Exercise with Kids

Summer is a great opportunity to spend time with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Some of the most fun and enjoyable times to have with kids is while playing games with them. The following games are not just a great way to bond with the kids, it’s also a great way for all of you to get exercise!

Children are supposed to get at least 60 minutes of exercise everyday. Making sure they stay active helps increase their life expectancy and decreases their risk of cardiovascular disease. It also helps with controlling weight, increases coordination and self-esteem.

On top of that, exercising with your kids allows you to become a positive example of living an active lifestyle. So find your inner child and head out the door to play these fun games.

There are only two rules:

1. Every one plays safe.

2. Don’t take the games too seriously, just have fun and enjoy the time together!


This was one of my favorite games as a child. Tag is great for cardio and can also be used as a good warm-up. Spend at least 5-10 minutes but if everyone is having a good time, play for as long as you want! (more…)