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Ruby Season 3 Premieres February 14

Image via The Style Network

Image via The Style Network

Ruby Season 3 premieres this Sunday, February 14 on the Style Network.

This season promises to have all of the heart, struggle and charm as the two previous seasons in addition to new breakthroughs and challenges as Ruby Gettinger continues on her transformative weight loss journey.

From purchasing her first pair of jeans in years to coming to grips with some very difficult personal questions and answers and from considering plastic surgery to deal with the loose skin from her weight loss, Ruby Season 3 will continue to inspire and motivate.

The season premiere finds Ruby in high spirits, but plagued by recurring nightmares. 


Tune In: Ruby on The Oprah Show

ruby gettingerTune in this Wednesday, February 3 to the Oprah Show when weight loss reality series star Ruby Gettinger appears on the show to discuss her weight loss revelations.

Ruby is the star of Ruby, her own self-titled, Style Network reality series. The show’s third season starts on February 14th and will continue to chronicle this Southern belle’s weight loss battle. At her heaviest, Ruby was classified as morbidly obese and once topped the scales at 715 pounds. Since the show’s debut in 2008, she has lost an astonishing 400 pounds.


Tune In: Ruby Gettinger on Rachael Ray

ruby gettingerTune in this Monday, September 21 to the Rachael Ray Show when Ruby Gettinger stops by to learn some healthy makeover cooking tips from the country’s beloved cook.

Star of Ruby – The Inspirational Weight Loss Journey, this once 750-pound Southern belle, has opened up her life to the rest of the country as she has lost an astonishing 400 pounds on her self-entitled Style Network’s reality show.

This Monday, Rachael teaches healthy kitchen basics as well as how to cook up a meatless version of one of Ruby’s favorite dishes, Pasta Bolognese using portobello mushrooms as a “meaty” alternative to traditional ground meat. This skinnier recipe promises to save on fat but not on flavor.

Check your local listings for exact show times.

Ruby Recap – Season Finale, Episode 2.10

ruby gettingerI don’t know about you, but this season went by so quickly! After ten episodes, we’ve fallen even harder for Ruby, and watched her overcome even greater obstacles than her weight. The season opened with the loss of her father, and the last week we saw her lose her beloved dog Lucy. Ruby says these events have left her feeling unmotivated and have caused her to fall off track. However, she didn’t completely lose control. In the past Ruby would have turned to a pot of spaghetti, as friend Georgia explained, but instead she’s using food to her advantage. When she gets those food cravings, she eats Glucerna’s bars and shakes, which are created especially for diabetics. (more…)

Ruby Recap: Episode 2.9

ruby gettingerThis was a very emotional week for Ruby, both on the high end and the low end.

We’ve known for a while that her beloved dog Lucy was not well, as her kidneys were failing. Each night Ruby lovingly gave her shots for treatment, and she and friends prepared for the worst. The relationship Ruby has with her dogs is as definitive of man’s best friend as you’ll find. “I don’t think I’ve ever had love like they give me,” Ruby tearfully remarks.

Her roommate and close friend Jeff said that Lucy’s loss would be “like losing a child for her.” In this episode, Lucy does leave Ruby and it’s one of those emotional hurdles that has Ruby questioning if she’ll end up throwing away all of her hard work thus far. (more…)

Ruby’s Diary: Reflections on All I’ve Lost and Gained

rubys diaryRuby Gettinger, the star of Style Network’s hit reality show Ruby, will release her own personal diary of her inspiring journey to overcome morbid obesity.

For those of you who love Ruby, she’s releasing Ruby’s Diary September 8, 2009; and it’s a must for any fan! Filled with deeply personal thoughts, fears and insights, many of which were never revealed on camera, this memoir chronicles her journey up to her current weight loss status, about 150 pounds. Ruby’s Diary simply started out as just that: her own private diary. But as her weight loss journey has cascaded into a story of inspiration and commitment, yet also challenge and difficulty, she decided to share her thoughts and emotions with others. (more…)

Ruby Recap – Episode 2.8

Things were not the typical sunshine and roses for Ruby this week. What started out as a celebration spiraled into a lot of self-doubt, depression and fighting to find the motivation to go on.ruby gettinger

She weighed herself for the first time in two weeks, to see that she’d dropped to 323.6 pounds. Jeff pointed out she was losing at a rate of about five pounds per week – which is definitely a healthy rate of weight loss. However, a few days later she went to visit her nutritionist Helen who also weighed her in and found that Ruby had actually gained about 20 pounds, as she weighed in at 355 pounds. She was shocked and just kept saying “no way.”

Her nutritionist, trainers and even roommate Jeff prodded to find out where she fell off. She admitted to not using the OurLife meals, not using her food journal, and not exercising each day. She expressed her anger at the scale, but recognized that the fault was her own. (more…)

Ruby Recap – Episode 2.7

ruby gettinger on bicycleIf you’ve never watched Ruby, you have to make time to watch. It’s only 30 minutes and you won’t be able to help but fall in love with her and feel inspired in that brief half-hour. Last night’s episode was a fun girl’s weekend that brought together Ruby with several of her close girlfriends, women she’s known for 20 years.

It was the first time the women had seen Ruby since she’d lost the more than 140 pounds. They were astonished when they saw her. One friend, Toni, remarked that she was able to wrap her arms around Ruby for a hug for the first time. And the friends collectively agreed that they were glad to see the progress she’d made and that it meant she’d be able to live longer. (more…)

Ruby Recap – Season 2 Episode 2

ruby gettingerIt’s true for anyone trying to lose weight that if you keep your routine fresh and interesting then you’ll continue on a path toward success. On season two episode two of Style Network’s “Ruby,” the Savannah sweetheart finds herself in an all-too-familiar rut. Ruby’s trainers aren’t moving her far enough beyond her comfort zone and the monotony of treadmill and weight routines is weighing on her.

Ruby seeks outside advice, which pits the professionals in her life against one another. And as is Ruby’s style, she leans on her support group of friends to help her sort through the trainer confusion.


Ruby Season 2 Premiere Recap

ruby gettingerRuby fans finally had their moment last night as Ruby season 2 premiered on Style Network. Down more than 100 pounds since the beginning of the first season of this hit show, Ruby is ready to take on the next chapter of her weight loss journey.

One big moment in last night’s premiere was the pizza party that Ruby hosted. You might be thinking “why would she do that?” She brought temptation right through the front door, to the dismay of her ex-boyfriend Denny.

“I have to live in the real world,” says Ruby. “Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by food.”

Watch the clip now, and continue reading the recap.