Ruby Recap – Season 2 Episode 2

ruby gettingerIt’s true for anyone trying to lose weight that if you keep your routine fresh and interesting then you’ll continue on a path toward success. On season two episode two of Style Network’s “Ruby,” the Savannah sweetheart finds herself in an all-too-familiar rut. Ruby’s trainers aren’t moving her far enough beyond her comfort zone and the monotony of treadmill and weight routines is weighing on her.

Ruby seeks outside advice, which pits the professionals in her life against one another. And as is Ruby’s style, she leans on her support group of friends to help her sort through the trainer confusion.

Never taking these matters lightly, Ruby did what so many people working to lose weight have to do sometimes – think of herself and her needs. The end result is that Ruby fired her trainers.

“What in the helicopter did I do,” was the Rubyism that came after she attempted to help her nephew get a home tan. Instead, Ruby enlisted the professionals at her tanning salon to help out the kid. She also talks about how tanning is something she often does for herself because it makes her feel thin. That statement is so much more than a superficial fake tan – it’s doing something that you enjoy, for yourself, that helps you keep the goal in mind. It’s a non-food reward for your successes.

Think of what that treat could be for yourself, and use it as motivation to reach your weight loss goals right alongside Ruby!

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