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Do Our March Giveaways Got You Feelin’ Lucky?

Holy Chips and Salsa! It’s a Wholly Guacamole Giveaway

What’s better than guacamole and salsa? A cooler full of free Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa! We’re giving five people coolers stuffed full of one of the foods we love the most.

Hilary Williams’ Sign of Life

After narrowly surviving a devastating car crash, Hilary Williams, the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr., persevered through 23 surgeries to rebuild her body and her life. Her inspiring story will touch anyone who has ever had to overcome the toughest obstacles in life. Win a copy of her book Sign of Life(more…)

An Introduction to the Men’s Health Diet

mens health dietMost people know of Men’s Health as the popular fitness magazine, but the company also offers a diet program created by top nutrition and fitness experts specifically for men. The Men’s Health Diet features a six-week plan that can help you lose up to 15 pounds, while gaining strength and muscle definition. The program further offers long-term changes that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The program does not endorse any specific eating regimen (low-fat, no carb, etc.), but provides general guidelines for healthy eating, including the 250 best foods for men and a collection of filling and flavorful recipes.


The Secret

I’m the best at keeping secrets. All my friends know this, and so I’m the first one that they come running to with some juicy gossip. But sometimes, I need to share. Not just for me, but for your benefit too.

The editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine, has a new book out that goes deep inside the very secretive world of restaurant food. You will be amazed and disgusted and hopefully, motivated to make some better choices.

The book, titled “Eat This, Not That“, does a terrific job of showing you the differences between two commonplace food options. I also love the review of 9 typically “healthy” choices. Buy the book, and check it out for yourself!

A secret that I have to share though, is that as a former restaurant owner, it was our mission to inject so much fat into our foods, that you would feel as satisfied as a well-fed baby, and return to our restaurant again and again. How do we do that? Well, for one, we would use butters and oils that have higher than average saturation levels, which allows them to cook for longer at higher temperatures without burning. Yep, you heard me right. A tablespoon of restaurant oil has even more fat than the oil you use at home. We also would use cream in places you have never even heard of. Oh, and that asian vinaigrette that sounds so low-cal? Um, sorry, but we used Mayonnaise as the first ingredient.

So yes, better food choices start with full disclosure, and you, dear dining out consumer, have every right to ask to see the recipe.