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Lauren Lee Goes from Biggest Loser Fan to Contestant in Season 13

By Dani M. Stone

Lauren Lee is a big fan of Biggest Loser. She and her mother and fellow yellow team contestant, Gail Lee, watch every season and root for the winners. This season, they make up one of three parent/child teams on Biggest Loser 13 and they’ll need to root for each other when they’re not competing against each other. Spoiler alert: That’s this season’s shocking twist.

Lauren, 26, is a highly educated young woman from Poolesville, Maryland. She studied hard for years, receiving a bachelor’s degree in adult fitness from Marshall University, and a master’s degree in exercise science with an emphasis on cardiac rehabilitation. Though she’s proud of her education, she admits her studies kept her from eating right and exercising, which led to a significant weight gain in college. She regrets missing out on typical fun college shenanigans because she was self-conscious about her weight and even turned down dates because she just couldn’t find anything to wear.

Her motivation for trying out for Biggest Loser 13 was to help her mom get in shape, but at 246 pounds she knows she could also benefit from weight loss, healthy lifestyle changes, and all the advice and support the ranch has to offer. She knows if she can get in shape, her mind and body will finally be in sync and it will help her considerably with her occupation as an exercise physiologist.

Lauren knows there will always be temptations like vanilla ice cream (her favorite), or her parent’s homemade macaroni and cheese, but she’s committed to learning how to enjoy unhealthy food in moderation and learn to make healthy choices a part of her everyday lifestyle. Lauren looks forward to she and her mother both losing weight so they can be active as a family. She would also like to run a marathon and learn how to hang-glide. Wonder if mom will join her for THAT adventure?