Gail Lee Wants to Inspire Her Generation to Get Healthy on Biggest Loser 13

By Dani M. Stone

Gail Lee’s epiphany for weight loss didn’t result from a particular incident or reading of a motivational poster. Instead, she had a heart-to-heart talk with her oldest daughter Lindsay, who shared how worried she was about Gail’s health. At 57-years old, 322 pounds, and on medication for diabetes, her family worried she might not be around to enjoy her husband of 32 years, her three children, and only granddaughter. Gail realized her family was right and now is happy to join her other daughter Lauren Lee as the yellow team on Biggest Loser 13.

Growing up in Bowling Green, Maryland with a younger brother, Gail survived polio and went on to have a happy, healthy childhood. By age 12 she was tall, just shy of six-feet tall, and though she wasn’t obese, she still felt self-conscious about her overall size. Gail attended Bowling Green State University with a triple major in special education, learning disabilities, and elementary education. She remained in good shape through college but after marriage and three pregnancies the weight started to slowly creep on.

Gail is quick to admit her weight gain and inactivity is no one’s fault but her own. She knows that over the years she failed to carve out time for exercise and eating right wasn’t a priority. Additionally, she is aware of the way she has used food in the past to celebrate, entertain and “feed my hungry heart when I’m down or going through an adversity.” She admits to a love/hate relationship with food that has lasted her whole life.

At 57, Gail certainly seems to be headed to the ranch with a positive mindset, saying “I really believe it all happens up in your head. . . if I can identify triggers and ways to handle them, I can walk back in to my life with a different attitude.”

Gail hopes to serve as an example to women her age that if she can do it, they can too.

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