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A New Season of “I Used to be Fat” Begins October 11 on MTV

A new season of MTV’s “I Used to be Fat” starts October 11, 2011. This hit show had viewers glued to the screen last year as young adults embarked on intense life transformations.

The show is a documentary series highlighting overweight teenagers the summer before they start college. The profiled teens are desperate to shed pounds and are surprised by a fitness expert knocking at their door to help them accomplish their goals.

The teens go through intense fitness regimens and work alongside experts to learn how to make lifestyle changes. They also begin to understand the habits that caused them to gain so much weight in the first place.


MTV Searching for the Next Cast of “I Used to Be Fat”

I Used to Be Fat LogoHere at DietsInReview, we get many, many inquires about how to get on MTV’s reality weight-loss show, I Used to Be Fat. Today we have some good news for anyone interesting in applying for the second season of the show. MTV just announced that they are looking for high school seniors who want to lose 40 to 100 pounds before starting college. MTV casting directors will be traveling to Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas. According to our contact at 3 Ball Productions, the show’s production company, the ideal cast members will live no more than 50 miles outside of these locations.

Interested candidates should send recent photos and a paragraph explaining why you should be on the show to HSweightloss@gmail.com, along with your name, age, weight and contact information.


MTV’s I Used to Be Fat Follows Obese Teens on Their Weight Loss Journeys

DietsinReview announced MTV’s new weight loss show “I Used to Be Fat” in November. Since then, the show has aired four times, showing us the lives of four teens who have just graduated high school and are entering college.

So far, we have seen Gabriella, who lost an amazing 90 pounds in 90 days, Marci, Dominick, and Makenzie as they face the emotional and physical issues that have lead them to become obese at a young age. “I Used to Be Fat” is an unscripted show, which gives it an authentic air that some other shows can miss at times. The emotional and physical pain that all four teens have expressed on the show is possibly part of the show’s appeal because viewers can get to know the teens on a more personal level.

“I was tired of using my weight as an excuse,” Gabriella said in her post-episode update. “I’m very glad I did [the show]. I just wouldn’t take back anything. It was an amazing experience and I’m blessed that I was given that opportunity.”


MTV Announces “I Used to Be Fat”


UPDATE [3/9/11]: MTV Searching for the Next Cast of “I Used to Be Fat”

If you like shows about weight-loss transformations, then MTV has something new for you. The network announced a new weight-loss reality show, called I Used to Be Fat. The show will follow teens during the summer after high school as they work to lose weight and transform themselves before entering college. The show comes from the producers of The Biggest Loser, and is part of the network’s effort to reconnect with a “millennial” audience.

“That reboot of your life can happen over one summer,” says JD Roth, the executive producer of I Used to Be Fat. “The kids who really dedicated themselves and really wanted this made changes that are staggering. We had multiple kids lose 100 pounds.” Each hour-long episode will feature one teen as he or she workout with trainer, meet with nutritionists and consult with doctors. Like the MTV hit Jersey Shore, the new show is unscripted, and has what Roth describes as a “much more authentic bent.”