MTV’s I Used to Be Fat Follows Obese Teens on Their Weight Loss Journeys

DietsinReview announced MTV’s new weight loss show “I Used to Be Fat” in November. Since then, the show has aired four times, showing us the lives of four teens who have just graduated high school and are entering college.

So far, we have seen Gabriella, who lost an amazing 90 pounds in 90 days, Marci, Dominick, and Makenzie as they face the emotional and physical issues that have lead them to become obese at a young age. “I Used to Be Fat” is an unscripted show, which gives it an authentic air that some other shows can miss at times. The emotional and physical pain that all four teens have expressed on the show is possibly part of the show’s appeal because viewers can get to know the teens on a more personal level.

“I was tired of using my weight as an excuse,” Gabriella said in her post-episode update. “I’m very glad I did [the show]. I just wouldn’t take back anything. It was an amazing experience and I’m blessed that I was given that opportunity.”

Another contestant, Dominick, was thrilled for the opportunity to improve his health and turn his life around. Dominick trimmed 86.6 pounds from his original 306 pound frame.

“People treat me differently now,” Dominick said. “When you hear someone say you’re cute, that’s awesome. I’m not used to that. Nobody has ever said that to me before.”

Gabriella offers some great advice for anyone who wants to lose weight and improve his or her health: “In the end, it was really down to me. I don’t want anyone to think that losing weight is easy. If you do it the right way, it’s going to be a little hard. But if you push hard enough, you’ll see results.”

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by Kelsey Murray

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