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Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien on The View

Tune in to The View on Tuesday, July 13 when Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien stops by to whip some of her newest and healthiest dishes.

The Hungry Girl just released Hungry Girl 1-2-3 and Hungry Girl Happy Hour, both of which feature new meals, snacks, desserts and of course cocktails, courtesy of the imaginative and calorie-conscious, Lisa Lillien.


Laughing Cow Cheese Adds New Light Flavors

Image Via: TheLaughingCow.com

If you love cheese, but hate the calories and fat that come with an ever-so-small creamy wedge of your favorite fromage, listen up.

This new food find from Laughing Cow will give all health-conscious cheese lovers a delish and low-cal reason to safely indulge.

The Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges have just come out with three more scrumptious low-calorie flavors: Blue Cheese, Mozzeralla Sun-Dried Tomato Basil and Queso Fresco Chipotle. Other Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge flavors include Creamy Swiss, Garlic and Herb and French Onion.

Each wedge contains a mere 35 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein, 0 carbohydrates and eight percent of your calcium needs. Their creamy texture gives them gold stars in the spreadability category and their compactness gets them an A+ in the healthy snack category.


Hungry Girl Launches New Show

Image via: HungryGirl.com

Just hot off the health news press, Lisa Lillien, aka The Hungry Girl, will have her own television show on the newly launched Cooking Channel, which just premiered over the Memorial Day weekend, and was created by the makers of the Food Network.

Here’s a description of the new show from the Hungry Girl’s website:

“You’ll be getting 13 half-hour episodes of guilt-free fun and general HG madness! Not only will Lisa be whipping up recipes and sharing tips ‘n tricks in the kitchen, but she’ll also be out and about helping humans navigate the supermarket aisles, testing foods at the lab, and showing up in unexpected places to help solve the world’s fatty-food dilemmas.”


Interview with Hungry Girl 1-2-3 Author, Lisa Lillien

At DietsInReview.com, we love the Hungry Girl! We had a chance to interview Lisa Lillien, aka, the Hungry Girl about her new book, Hungry Girl 1-2-3. Here’s what she had to say about her latest creation.

1.) How is Hungry Girl 1-2-3 different from your two other cookbooks (Hungry Girl and Hungry Girl 200 Under 200)?

The recipes in this book are even easier. And there’s more info – like prep time, cook time, etc. Also – while many recipes have less than 200 calories, a lot have more like 300 or more calories so there are more substantial recipes and meals in the book.

2.) Your creativity in pairing certain favorite foods really shines through in this cookbook. Can you highlight a few of your favorite “couples” and why they are so good and so good for you?

Hmmm… some of my favorite couples are Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges and Egg Beaters. Pretty much what I eat for breakfast every single day. Yum! Next, broccoli coleslaw and tomato soup (Amy’s Chunky Tomato Bisque). I stir-fry those together and it’s incredible. Tastes like pasta and sauce to me! Another great one is Vitalicious Triple Chocolate Chunk VitaTop and a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Crazy-delicious and satisfying for around 200 calories.


Food Find: Vitalicious Muffins, Brownies and Muffin Tops

If you avoid carb-filled muffins and brownies because of the nutrient-less and dead weight they fill your belly (and hips) with, then put down your Atkins bread and grab your toaster.

Maybe this isn’t the newest of food finds, but sometimes certain products,  like Vitalicious, deserve more than just a review.

Vitalicious is a company that makes muffins, muffin tops, brownies, and cake mixes. And, the best part is that each yummy carb-y treat contains just 100 calories. But unlike many faux diet foods, Vitalicous contains only natural ingredients, including whole grain flour, organic sugar, egg whites, and cocoa. Even Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, has given Vitalicious products her own Hungry Girl seal of approval.

Each Vitalicious treat is low fat, high in fiber (four to seven grams), trans-fat free, protein-packed (four to nine grams), cholesterol-free and low in sodium.


Tune-In: Hungry Girl’s Crave Busters on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in Wednesday, April 7 to the Rachael Ray Show when the Hungry Girl stops by with a healthy answer to all of your junk food cravings with recipes that will satisfy your stomach without busting your waistline.

From French toast to buffet breakfasts, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shows you how you can have all the things you crave, but without the guilt!

We’re not sure what the Hungry Girl is whipping up, but we think it is a peanut-butter-licious recipe that swaps regular peanut butter for Better n’ Peanut Butter, which has only 100 calories per two tablespoon serving.


Tune In: Valerie Bertinelli and the Hungry Girl on the Joy Behar Show

Tune in this Tuesday, March 30 to the Joy Behar Show when Valerie Bertinelli is the guest host and Lisa Lillien stops by to discuss her new book, Hungry Girl 1-2-3.

Lisa Lillien, aka The Hungry Girl, is known for her creative and low-calorie takes on indulgent and decadent foods. Her latest book features a host of new recipes that are specifically designed for the healthy eater who loves to eat yummy food, but has little time to prepare it.


Tune In: Lisa Lillien on The Doctors

Tune in this Friday, April 2 to The Doctors when Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien drops by to share her tips for helping you make smarter choices at the grocery store.

The Hungry Girl constantly has her pulse on the latest in healthy food finds. She is also a whiz at creating recipe makeovers that turn your favorite decadent dishes into leaner and healthier eats. (more…)

The Skinny on McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

St. Patrick’s Day – A day to indulge in your favorite beer (or beers), corned beef hash or McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes.

Whereas most items at The Golden Arches can be purchased all year long, the Shamrock Shake is only available during the month of March, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

So what exactly is the Shamrock Shake? It’s a light green shake with a mint-meets-vanilla taste. These seasonal shakes are a seriously hot commodity among milkshake connoisseurs. And since not all McDonald’s locations offer them, die-hard fans might themselves cruising around town to find one that does.

But taste aside, how does the Shamrock Shake stack up?

Here is the nutritional information for one 16-ounce shake. (more…)

Tune In: Hungry Girl Uncovers Dangerous Foods on Rachael Ray Show

lisa lillienTune in this Thursday, January 14 to the Rachael Ray Show when Lisa Lillien, aka, the Hungry Girl, reveals which supposedly healthy foods could be moving your scale in the wrong direction.

Lisa Lillien is an expert when it comes to not just creating delicious and calorie-conscious recipes from her bestselling books like the Hungry Girl’s 200 Under 200, but she also has her constant nutrition pulse on the latest in food finds and hidden calories in your favorite dishes.