Tune In: Valerie Bertinelli and the Hungry Girl on the Joy Behar Show

Tune in this Tuesday, March 30 to the Joy Behar Show when Valerie Bertinelli is the guest host and Lisa Lillien stops by to discuss her new book, Hungry Girl 1-2-3.

Lisa Lillien, aka The Hungry Girl, is known for her creative and low-calorie takes on indulgent and decadent foods. Her latest book features a host of new recipes that are specifically designed for the healthy eater who loves to eat yummy food, but has little time to prepare it.

And what a more appropriate person to share the launch of her new book than with Valerie Bertinelli. Valerie walks the thin line of loving food and bikinis. She and Lisa sit down to discuss healthy-eating strategies and how they manage to look great and still indulge in their favorite foods.

Lillien is also the author of Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 and Hungry Girl, Chew the Right Thing.

The Joy Behar Show can be seen Mondays through Sundays on CNN 9 pm, ET.

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