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School Lunch Program Asks Kids to Cook

Childhood obesity has been a hot button topic years in the making. From the First Lady’s interest in the issue, to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show, America is well aware of how school lunches and nutrition are affecting our youth.

A new documentary series, Food Forward, which focuses on the ever-changing food system and its effect on different populations, recently visited Pacific Elementary School near San Jose, California to film their school lunch production. Every day, the fifth and sixth grade students make 100 meals from scratch with the help of staff. That’s right, the kids are involved in the cooking! (What a novel idea… home ec, anyone?)


Did Jamie Oliver Fail, or Did We?

Anytime someone attempts to make a change, other people will attempt to hinder those efforts through their own behavior or naysaying. Change is uncomfortable for some people, because the world surrounding them is altered, and it may also highlight their own need to change. Thus, it is not terribly surprising to me that the Internet is full of spoilers about Jamie’s “failure.”


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap Season 1 Episode 2: From the Mouths of Teens

This week Food Revolution starts with the radio host that has given Jamie a hard time since his first day in Huntington, predicting that Jamie’s revolution will fail. He stated that the residents of Huntington will be kind to Jamie while he is there, but will revert to their previous dietary habits once he returns to England.

Jamie continues his experiment in the elementary school, continuing to clash with cook Alice, but others seem to be getting on board. Jamie is also allowed to take over food service in one of the high schools, where the cooks seem to be more supportive. With the teenagers, Jamie takes a different strategy, asking for volunteers to be ambassadors of change and help to convince the other students of the need for a food revolution. (more…)

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap Season 1 Episode 1: Chicken Nuggets

If you missed the sneak preview of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, hopefully you were able to catch up during the first hour of the two-hour season premiere last Friday. Like most of today’s reality television programs, Food Revolution does a good job of catching you up; however, not in an irritatingly repetitive way.

One of the educational highlights of this episode was the chicken nugget experiment Jamie conducted with a handful of elementary school children. Jamie took a whole chicken, identified the prime cuts, and then showed the children how the “bits you don’t like” are used to create “processed food” like chicken nuggets. Despite the shrieks and “eewwws” during the process, the children were more than willing to eat the finished product to Jamie’s dismay and shock, since in England he received the opposite response from children when he conducted the same experiment. (more…)

Tune In: Jamie Oliver on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in this Tuesday, March 30 to the Rachael Ray Show when Naked Chef Jamie Oliver delivers seven simply delicious ideas for eating healthy.

Oliver is the host of the new ABC reality series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. He discusses his latest venture with Rachael in which he is single-handedly trying to transform America’s fattest city into a much leaner and healthier community by encouraging them to eat more natural foods, eat less processed meals and cook at home more often.


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Sneak Preview

The sneak preview of Food Revolution opened with Jamie saying goodbye to his wife and children to spend three months in Huntington, WV helping them renovate how they eat. From the start, Jamie spoke positively about the town of 50,000. Jamie’s first stop in Huntington was a radio program where he interacted with an unimpressed host, despite Jamie’s explanation that Huntington was deemed the unhealthiest town in America by a government statistic based on death.

It is not surprising that Jamie chose to start his revolution in a school, given his experience in his own country with Jamie’s Ministry of Food. His first day in the school, Jamie observed and asked questions. As he toured the school kitchen, Jamie stated that many restaurants in England would be jealous of the space and equipment they had, and was shocked to learn that the ovens were used primarily for reheating and rarely for cooking. As he had to ask the cooks to identify the food they serve school children, Jamie said in an aside that children in South Africa are getting better food than American school children. Despite the defensiveness and dissent of the cooks, Jamie remains positive and focuses on their strengths. Right as I was thinking how upsetting the entire situation was, Jamie said that he felt like crying. (more…)

Tune In: Jamie Oliver on The Oprah Show

Tune in this Friday, March 26 to the Oprah Show when chef Jamie Oliver stops by to discuss his new mission to do something about the American obesity epidemic.

Oliver wants to save your family one meal at a time and this Friday, his new ABC reality series, Jamie’s Food Revolution, sets out to inspire millions of unhealthy American families to get back into the kitchen eating and cooking healthy and delicious meals.