Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap Season 1 Episode 2: From the Mouths of Teens

This week Food Revolution starts with the radio host that has given Jamie a hard time since his first day in Huntington, predicting that Jamie’s revolution will fail. He stated that the residents of Huntington will be kind to Jamie while he is there, but will revert to their previous dietary habits once he returns to England.

Jamie continues his experiment in the elementary school, continuing to clash with cook Alice, but others seem to be getting on board. Jamie is also allowed to take over food service in one of the high schools, where the cooks seem to be more supportive. With the teenagers, Jamie takes a different strategy, asking for volunteers to be ambassadors of change and help to convince the other students of the need for a food revolution.

The main focus of this episode is on these teens. After hearing their stories and motivations for participating, Jamie reflects to the camera, “your kids have been hurt and ruined and abused by food.” In England, Jamie has worked extensively with teenagers, teaching them how to cook, and reports that he can train a teen in six to 12 months. After just one class with his ambassadors, Jamie enlists them to cook for a dinner for 80 people to raise the $80,000 needed to train all the cooks at the 27 schools in the district. The guests include a senator, local movers and shakers, and the kids’ parents.

After the guests had eaten, Jamie revealed who the real cooks had been. Rather than giving a speech, Jamie had the kids share their stories with the crowd, creating a very moving moment. If you are a sensitive soul, you may want to keep tissues handy.

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