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Dr. Oz Promotes New Two-Day Wonder Cleanse

Dr. Oz is promoting a new two-day “Wonder Cleanse,” but it’s not like the popular cleanses you’ve heard of before. Instead of drinking nothing but water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper, you eat foods that naturally rid your body of toxins. That’s where the “cleanse” comes in.

So think of it as more of a hiatus from ice cream and Funyuns and a shift toward pure foods.

And why should we cleanse? According to Dr. Oz, our bodies are constantly being exposed to harmful substances in the environment and in our diet, and it’s important to flush those out so our bodies can get back to operating more efficiently. Think of it as a ‘spring cleaning’ of sorts for the body.

Over the course of a 48-hour period, Dr. Oz encourages participants to eat six meals and eight snacks made from naturally-purifying, delicious ingredients. And the key? Enzymes. (more…)

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien on The Dr. Oz Show

Is it possible to eat twice as much food and still lose weight? TV host, author, and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, says yes. And she plans to share all about it on The Dr. Oz Show this Tuesday, March 19.

Tune in to hear about Lisa’s experience as an all-out foodie – or ‘foodologist’ as she calls herself – and how she found a way to eat twice as much food and still lose weight by simply swapping out unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones in her favorite meals. (more…)

Dr. Oz Shows You How to Eat What You Love and Still Lose Weight

This week, Dr. Oz’s “Eat What You Love” episode is designed to teach you how you can include some of your favorite items including chocolate, steak, pasta or even cookies into your diet and still lose weight. You don’t have to cut out certain foods or food groups, because that can lead to binges.

Dr. Oz will show that sometimes even the thought of starting a diet can lead to insatiable eating days before you start the diet creating the “last supper mentality.” The Eat What You Love program focuses more on keeping you satisfied while helping you lose weight. Dr. Oz says it’s not a diet, because it’s not something you go on or off. Instead of dreaming about the day when you can have your favorite food again, you will be consuming 1,450 calories per day including foods that are high in protein, fiber and with enough fat to keep you full. You are even encouraged to eat some of your favorite foods to satisfy cravings as long as you are aware of the comfort that food brings and how it tastes.

There are options given for eating out and you can cook one meal at home for your entire family to enjoy. Your daily meals will consist of 300 calories at breakfast, 400 at lunch, 500 for dinner and two 125 calorie snacks each day. Dr. Oz includes recipes and meal ideas as well as substitutions to help get you started.


Taylor Swift’s Bikini Body Proves She’s Health Conscious

Look what washed up on the Australian shore! It’s Taylor Swift in a bikini. Not hard to believe, the country music starlet is perennially fit and gorgeous.

The 22-year-old is currently rocking her international Speak Now tour. And while the bus may be weighed down in industry accolades thanks to her 13 million albums sold, she’s hardly contributing to the poundage.

She loves to pull the bus in to Cracker Barrel for a meal of eggs and biscuits, which considering that menu, is pretty tame of her. She also likes the restaurant’s apple butter and keeps it in her fridge. The down-to-earth country star keeps it real when it comes to eating though, and says she maintains an internal barometer of how healthy or not she’s been for the week, and then makes adjustments. You’ll also rarely see Taylor without water, as she keeps a bottle on hand at all times knowing how important hydration is to maintain such an impossible schedule as she does. (more…)

Dr. Oz’s Diet Tips for the Lazy Girl

It’s clear by our nations’ current health status that many, if not most, of us feel getting healthy is too much work. Or it requires giving up all the good things in life. Dr. Oz will be offering tips on how to take the easy way out and still reap health benefits. Today’s Dr. Oz Show is titled, “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy.”

Now, Dr. Oz has dedicated his life to teaching people how to get healthy, so the title is a bit strange. However he’s speaking out to those who are admittedly lazy and showing them things they can do with minimum effort to gain maximum results. He tells his guest, “if you’re going to be a lazy girl, do it right.”

Dr. Oz will demonstrate how you can skip workouts and he’ll explain how one can “burn calories without exercise.” The doctor will even discuss how one can eat what they want and still lose weight and prevent cancer. He tells the guests they don’t have to cook, in fact Dr. Oz says, “you can order pizza, you can order Mexican, or Chinese.” (more…)

The Men Who Hate Dr. Oz Speak Out

For as many fans as Dr. Oz has, it seems he may have just as many enemies. During the March 1 Dr. Oz Show, he will be facing off with men who hate him. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

Many men have complained that they are being pestered by their wives due to advice they received from The Dr. Oz Show. These men are fed up with the changes their wives have been trying to get them to make to their health. They have simply stated that they’ve had enough of Dr. Oz’s advice.
The husbands will sound off with their complaints.

One husband in particular refers to all the seed his wife brought home for him to eat. In his irritation he exclaims, “I’m a man, I’m not a bird.” (more…)

Learn the Secrets to Ayurvedic Medicine on Dr. Oz

Tomorrow Dr. Oz will be discussing Ayurvedic medicine, or the concept that each individual body type should be treated with different medicines. Specifically, the doctor will be interviewing other doctors as they explain what they call “Secrets of Ayurvedic Medicine.”

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India. In the United States, Ayurvedic medicine is considered a whole medical system. That means it’s a complete system of theory and practice that has evolved over time in different cultures and separate from conventional medicine. Other whole medical systems include traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and naturopathy. Many therapies used in Ayurvedic medicine include herbs, massage, and specialized diets.

Dr. Oz will be investigating the specific theory behind body types and Ayurvedic medicine. Dr. Oz will also discuss the many healing technique from around the globe. The guest will include Kulreet Chaudhary, MD, Phil Veneziano, Daniel Hsu, and Dr. Janet Tsai. (more…)

Dr. Oz Claims You Can Lose Your Behind with a “Butt-Busting” Brownie

dr oz show black and white logoToday, The Dr. Oz Show is featuring a four-step guide to getting rid of butt fat. The “Butt-Blasting Plan” consists of a supplement, a low-fat diet, a seven-day workout and a brownie. How can eating dessert help you lose fat? Dr. Oz claims that his no-bake dessert “revs up your metabolism.” There’s no sugar in this brownie either, just raw cacao powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, milk, raisins and oats (see the full recipe at the end of this post).

For the rest of the diet, Dr. Oz recommends eating plenty of complex carbs and no more than 34 grams of fat. He explains that the butt is prone to storing fat, so it’s better to increase your carb intake when targeting this area. Dr. Oz adds that you should supplement this diet with 100 milligrams of kudzu root at breakfast. Kudzu is a climbing vine native to Japan and southeast China and is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Of course, exercise is also key to the butt blasting plan. Dr. Oz lays out a seven-day workout schedule, which consists of a different exercise to work the booty for each day. The exercises are donkey kicks, twisting lunges, dead lifts, a squat-to-jump move, glute glides using a chair, leg lifts while lying on your back and a bridge pose. Each exercise will be done 10 or 15 times.


Tim Ferriss’ Surprising Health and Weight Loss Secrets on The Dr. Oz Show

Tim Ferriss is the author of the best selling book The 4 Hour Body and a self-proclaimed human guinea pig. He’s tested many health and fitness theories on his own body to be able to provide fully researched and proven advice for some of our biggest health complaints. He shared some new and very interesting things he has learned on Dr. Oz’s show recently.

Ferriss covers the spectrum of human health. From metabolism to mood, he offered some great insight and very unique remedies to our biggest issues.

The 5-minute deep freeze is the method Ferris advised as a metabolism booster. The deep freeze is a cold shower ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. The cold temperatures are said to activate brown fat, the fat-burning tissue that burns energy to keep us warm. Shivering in the cold shower indicates that energy is being used to keep the body temperature up, therefore boosting your metabolism.

Millions of people are taking prescription antidepressants to keep their serotonin levels high and keep their moods positive. Ferriss explained that 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut so eating fermented food such as kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage) and its healthy probiotic bacteria will help serotonin in your gut move to the brain. Lacto-fermented food such as sauerkraut or plain yogurt can also aid in increasing serotonin levels and increasing mood.


Dr. Andrew Weil’s Pasta Puttanesca Recipe from Dr. Oz

On today’s Dr. Oz, he visits with Dr. Andrew Weil to discuss the benefits of living a more holistic, naturally health lifestyle. Weil is a leader in alternative health practices, authoring books like Eating Well for Optimum Health in which he prescribes food as medicine.

On the Dr. Oz episode, Dr. Weil shares five secrets that allow you to naturally increase your energy, immunity, prevent heart disease, and to lose weight. He says “you’ll be amazed at the changes” you feel when you follow his advice. He talks up the benefits of including more fiber in your diet, as well as a supplement regimen that includes vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, CoQ10, and niacin.

Dr. Weil also shares with the audience a “cancer-fighting super meal,” also known as Pasta Puttanesca with Tuna.


2 (28 oz) cans Italian tomatoes, drained and crushed
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp dried hot red pepper flakes
2 tbsp capers
1/2 cup black olives, pitted and chopped
3 mashed garlic cloves
2 tbsp fresh basil leaves, minced
1 lb dried pasta
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
1 package/can of healthy pouch/canned tuna (low-mercury type) (more…)