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Save Money and Calories On Your Next Grocery Trip

In 2009 the U.S. Department of Labor reported that the average American family of four spends $8,513 per year on groceries. That’s a lot of trips to the market and probably a lot of empty calories purchased each week.

While some people can afford to splurge on premium ingredients and brand names, the grocery store is also one of the most common places where people overspend.

“Take your grocery list to the store when you shop,” said Teri Gault, CEO of TheGroceryGame.com “Don’t buy groceries that you don’t need. If you have a list of everything you’ll need for the next few weeks, you’ll gather all the ingredients you need while saving money and avoiding the panic of the last minute rush.”

Follow some of our tips to keep your grocery budget to a minimum – and your grocery list full of healthy food.


Jillian Michaels on The Doctors

Tune in this Tuesday, November 9 to The Doctors when Jillian Michaels shows you how to get in shape without spending a dime.

This episode of The Doctors is all about improving your health for free. And what better fitness expert to enlist the budget-friendly support of than Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels? (more…)

Eating Healthy on a Dime: Homemade Yogurt

Making your own yogurt – sounds difficult, right? What is yogurt anyway? Well, that’s beside the point. Today I wanted to show you that homemade yogurt is not as difficult as it sounds!


One Family’s Experience: Feed Your Family for $15 a Dinner

Feeding your family both nutritiously and inexpensively can be a challenge. Are you up for one?

When I posted a link to the Whole Foods Initiative, Feed Your Family of 5 for $25, many readers suggested that the $25 threshold wasn’t that big of a challenge. Readers felt that it would be more difficult to feed either a large family with that figure or spend less money. I decided to try to do both, and went to my local grocery store with a week of dinners planned. I gave myself a budget of $75 to feed 8 people for dinner. I did not include charges for staples or spices that you should have in your house, like garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and honey. I was surprised to see that it was not as tough of a struggle as I had anticipated.  (more…)

The One Dollar Diet on The Dr. Oz Show

Tune in this Monday, October 25 to The Dr. Oz Show when America’s favorite doctor tells you how to eat for less and lose weight.

Eating well does not have to mean going into your savings account to pay for fruits and vegetables. In fact, eating inexpensively and dropping a few pounds is much easier than you think. On The Dr. Oz Show, you will learn about how to stretch your dollar without stretching your waistline with Dr. Oz’s $1 Diet. (more…)

Buying in Bulk Helps You Eat Healthy on a Dime [VIDEO]

Do you ever find yourself in one of those warehouse stores where they sell in bulk, but you’re afraid you’ll never get through the whole thing without getting tired of it? Well, this week’s healthy on a dime tip will help you save your dimes and your time.


How to Score the Best Deal on a Gym Membership

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Whether it’s a pair of summer sandals you found during a January sale or an amazing price on automobile insurance, these days it seems increasingly more important to spend that extra bit of time doing your homework and bartering your way to a great deal.

When it comes to memberships to gyms and fitness clubs, you can up your chances of walking away with an awesome deal by keeping a few things in mind.

Follow these guidelines to score a win for your health and your wallet.

Check with your employer. Many companies have deals with gyms that give you a gym membership at a significantly discounted rate. If your boss considers exercise walking to and from the microwave, inquire with your company’s human resources department to get the most accurate information. (more…)

Feed Your Family of 5 for $25 Challenge

There was a time in history when $25 would have fed a family of 5 for a week or more. Times have changed and money just doesn’t go as far these days. Often, many families have a strict budget for meals, and they find themselves cutting out key nutrition in order to get those budget numbers to line up.

Recently, Whole Foods Markets initiated a challenge to feed a family of 5 a nutritious, healthy dinner for $25. That’s more difficult than it sounds. Sure, if you served Ramen noodles and canned pears, it can be done – especially if three of the family members are under the age of five. But what if you wanted to serve a nutritious, well-balanced meal? A meal that covered all of the key elements, was delicious and filling, and you have three teenagers? Do you think it could be accomplished? (more…)

Eating Healthy on a Dime: How to Make Your Own Soda

Many people tell me how difficult it is to kick the soda habit. My solution? Homemade soda!

Watch now as I explain how to make it for yourself!


6 Weight Loss Excuses that Aren’t Cutting it

Excuses are all too common to the process of getting into shape. (And, no, round is not a shape!) Some of them are legitimate: time is short for all of us, work and family responsibilities pile higher and higher, and exercise is often seen as an expensive, unnecessary burden. Let’s take a look at the most common excuses that are used and blow them out of the water. Your best body is right around the corner!diet excuses

1. I don’t have time. Make time. Take a good, solid look at your schedule. Do you watch television? Maybe during a never-missed show you can add treadmill time. Or do squats, sit-ups and lunges during commercial breaks. Walk during your lunch hour. Run the stairs at your house for ten minutes three times a day. Wake an hour earlier. Somewhere in your schedule there is a chunk of time hiding. Find it. (more…)