6 Weight Loss Excuses that Aren’t Cutting it

Excuses are all too common to the process of getting into shape. (And, no, round is not a shape!) Some of them are legitimate: time is short for all of us, work and family responsibilities pile higher and higher, and exercise is often seen as an expensive, unnecessary burden. Let’s take a look at the most common excuses that are used and blow them out of the water. Your best body is right around the corner!diet excuses

1. I don’t have time. Make time. Take a good, solid look at your schedule. Do you watch television? Maybe during a never-missed show you can add treadmill time. Or do squats, sit-ups and lunges during commercial breaks. Walk during your lunch hour. Run the stairs at your house for ten minutes three times a day. Wake an hour earlier. Somewhere in your schedule there is a chunk of time hiding. Find it.

2. I don’t have money. Exercise can be very expensive – joining gyms, buying expensive equipment, paying for a personal trainer – or it can be as close to free as you’d like. Basically, it’s up to you. Body weight exercises – those that use your own body against itself, such as push-ups, squats and lunges – take no money and can provide great results. Walking and running need well fitting shoes but not much else. Don’t let the idea of spending a lot of money sidetrack your fitness goals. If you need equipment, check out a store like Play It Again! Sports, where customers can trade their gently used equipment for new, which can result in tremendous savings for all parties. Many cable companies offer exercise videos On Demand so you can exercise in the privacy of your home.

3. I have kids. Great. Terrific. So do I. Exercise with them, around them, and for them. Play soccer in the backyard, go for bike rides, let them see you spend time on the treadmill. Train for a sport together; many of the members of our family train Muay Thai boxing and we rank up together. If all else fails, exercise when they are at school or asleep, or find a girlfriend to swap babysitting so that both of you can have quality gym time.

4. I don’t know what to do. In the beginning, NO ONE knows what to do. Have you ever watched the first episodes of each season of The Biggest Loser? If you haven’t spent time in a gym it can be overwhelming and scary. But every gym has personal training options, and it can be a very good use of your money to invest in a few sessions. Look for information online or in books at the library. Ask friends.

5. It’s too hard! Everything is. If it’s not, it’s not worth it. And you are worth it. Push yourself hard in the gym and push yourself hard to overcome the mental block.
grocery store

6. I can’t afford healthy food. Sure you can, when you make the choice to do so. Water is free, soda is not. Start consuming more of this and watch your weight go down and your savings go up. Make coffee drinks at home instead of hitting the drive-thru, giving you greater control over ingredients, too. Skip the fast-food and buffet lunches during the work week and pack a lunch. Use leftovers, make a sandwich or salad, or stock your office with canned soups. Clip coupons and pay attention to grocery ads, then stock-up on sale items that you can store in the pantry or freezer. Buy in-season produce to save money. Buy lean proteins like chicken in bulk. Everything comes down to choices, and when you choose to find the ample opportunities to save money, you’ll do that plus trim fat and calories.

Don’t let obstacles stand in the way of getting the body that you want and deserve!

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