Why We Are Drawn To And Repelled By Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

As we hurtle toward 2012, you may be feeling inspired and resolute to make this new year a new chance to create the life that you have always wanted or to improve on the life in which you already find so much joy. As we turn the calendar to an entirely new year, it seems easier to find hope and believe in possibilities. Unfortunately, experience has shown us how powerful habits can be, and despite our purest resolutions, most of the time our goals lose momentum before January ends. It is important to find the accountability or inspiration that can keep you on track to achieve whatever goals you have resolved to obtain in 2012.

Some find celebrity weight loss stories to inspire them to begin or stick with their own weight loss journeys. A 15-year old boy from Mississippi named Kris was inspired to drop his weight by Patrick House, winner of Season 10’s Biggest Loser. As reality television stars, those like Patrick may be more capable of inspiring us because it is easier for us to relate to them than it might be to relate to other successful celebrities. If we are able to identify with someone who has faced a similar challenge, we believe that we can experience similar results.

Writer Chamein Canton explains that her 60 pound weight loss “wasn’t inspired by Jennifer Hudson, Kirstie Alley, Valerie Bertinelli, Marie Osmond or anyone else. They were more frustrating to me than anything else because they could afford to take care of themselves with nutritionists, personal chefs, personal trainers and all of the other accoutrements that come with celebrity.” Chamein did not identify with the emotional struggles of temptation and habit change of these famous women because she saw the resources at their disposal. Despite these resources, we have watched celebs like Kirstie Alley and Oprah yo-yo gaining and losing weight over and over just like so many others who struggle with weight. This can be another aspect that helps us identify with a particular celebrity and his or her weight loss journey.

It is common to alternate between losing weight and gaining weight, and even those times of gaining the weight back can be helpful in teaching us what is successful long term, healthy, and realistic. The person in the midst of the struggle may find more inspiration from those that have struggled publicly. The person deciding to start the journey for the first time may be more inspired by someone who has recently lost weight publicly for the first time. When Jessica Simpson has her baby, she has signed a contract to lose the baby weight using a commercial weight loss plan. Those dealing with post-pregnancy weight gain may follow her journey closely.

Yet, Chamein is certainly not the only one who can find stories about celebrities frustrating. It can feel defeating to some to see photos of successful celebrities who have people style them, perfect their hair, and airbrush their photos, even when they have been successful in their own weight loss journey. When it feels like celebs have it all, it can be difficult to see them achieve what you have worked hard for and perhaps not yet obtained. Even though celebrities may be working hard, it can look like they have it easy from this side of the magazine.

As you resolve to lose weight or get healthier in 2012, you may find celebrity weight loss stories inspiring or you may find them frustrating. You can choose to seek them out or to avoid them, depending on what works best for you.

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