Weight Loss News in Review: Week of November 29

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Vote for the Biggest Loser Finalist – Amanda or Liz

It’s America’s turn to decide the fate of Biggest Loser contestants Amanda and Liz, and determine who will compete as the third finalist on December 8.

Top Fitness Gifts for 2009

Have a fitness or health enthusiast on your list? Then check-out our picks for the best holiday gifts this season.

Stroke Risk Cut with Exercise

Good news for older men who exercise, with each mile you’re reducing your risk of stroke.

Obese Students Must Take Health Class to Graduate

For students at Lincoln University in Oxford, Pennsylvania, a BMI of greater than 30 requires attendance of a three hour per week health class in order to be eligible for graduation.

Diet Cycling Leads to Anxiety, Overeating and Withdrawal

In case you needed more evidence of the dangers of fad dieting and yo-yo dieting, one study indicates the many downsides to this dangerous trend.

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