Top Diet and Weight Loss News of 2009

diet newsAs we became more aware of the declining trend in the health of Americans this year, and of our continued rise in obesity, dieting and weight loss remained popular topics. While it was reassuring to see so many people turning away from the fads ands trends and more apt to embrace a wholly healthy lifestyle, the fads and trends continued to gain in popularity, as everyone’s always seeking a quick fix.

Now we take a look at the headlines that were most viewed on during 2009, a broad mix of health, diet, fitness and other related topics.

1. HCG Diet: Look Elsewhere for Weight Loss

2. Biggest Loser’s Erik Chopin Gains it Back

3. Jillian Michaels Reveals She May Not Stay with Biggest Loser (we now know she’s on through season nine at least)

4. Hydroxycut Recall after FDA Warning to Stop Using the Diet Pill

5. Lifetime’s Cook Yourself Thin is a New Healthy Cooking Show

6. Rush Limbaugh Loses Weight with Quick Weight Loss Centers

7. Swim for an Effective Total Body Workout

8. EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for the Wii

9. McDonald’s Angus Burgers are a Nutritional Nightmare on a Bun

10. FDA Warns About 28 Online Diet Pills

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