SparkPeople’s 28 Day Boot Camp Available Today

America’s number one online weight loss community released SparkPeople: 28-Day Boot Camp with their fan-favorite trainer Coach Nicole this morning, December 27th.

This 28-Day Boot Camp DVD gives you everything you need for create a customizable 28 day boot camp program that combines heart rate raising bouts of cardio with full body strength training to get you results in just 12, 20 or 30 minutes. The DVD includes four workout segments with 3 intensity levels and several bonus features, including recipes and added ab exercises. Light hand weights are required to complete the workouts and a mat is optional.

The workouts themselves are nothing groundbreaking- expect combinations of lunges, squats, bicep curls and crunches- but the exercises are completed without rest and usually combined with kettlebell swings using the light handweights so your heart rate stays elevated and you really target your butt and thighs. Each workout includes the whole body, so no matter whether you have 12 minutes or 30 minutes, you can be sure you’ve hit every muscle group.

The Sparkpeople 28-Day Boot Camp is a great workout DVD whether you follow the whole program or are looking to add a few more routine options to your stockpile. Coach Nicole has a calming yet motivating demeanor, and while the routines themselves are going to be exercises you’ve seen before, there is a reason those exercises have lasted the test of time: they work.

While I started out a little irritated that there wasn’t a warm up in the beginning of each routine (there is one in a separate chapter at the beginning of the DVD) and it just launched right into continuous kettlebell swings which had me nervous I might pull something, all those swings did the trick. I could barely walk on my jell-o legs immediately afterward, and my glutes and hamstrings were sore for days. I recommend a quick 5 minute warm up on your own, or completing the warm up chapter before any of the workouts.

The SparkPeople 28-Day Boot Camp is available at Target and for $16.99.


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