Simple Solutions to Your Fitness Excuses

When I first began my weight loss efforts, I could not walk around the block without needing to rest. Seriously. I sat down twice on the curb and cried. But I kept on and kept on, a little bit more each day and then, one day, I realized I had walked seven miles. Despite all of this walking, though, my weight loss efforts had stalled, so I decided to take up running.running

I had no idea how to do it – just put on my sneakers and run? I looked around and found the Couch to 5K program, which breaks running a 5K down into easily manageable increments. The thought of using the program was overwhelming – was I supposed to count to 60 in my head while I was running, and then remember how many times I’d done so? There’s no way – I could barely remember to breathe while running.

So, in the beginning, I compromised. I used my Garmin, a gadget that I wore on my wrist that calculates time and distance. That was an awkward endeavor, though, trying to remember exactly when I’d started this particular interval and how long I’d already run. I was delighted when I discovered that there was an iPhone app that offered the same program, and the fact that it both buzzes and sounds off a siren virtually guarantees that I won’t miss an interval.

The point is, I could have decided that it was too much work to figure it out and just given up. Like so many things in life, there are obstacles and roadblocks – things that get in the way of doing what we want or need to do. Getting into shape, and staying in shape, means learning to overcome those struggles and move ahead of them.

What is your obstacle?

No time? Take a solid look at your schedule. Maybe you can give up an activity that you don’t find fulfilling and use that time for exercise.

No childcare? Maybe you can swap babysitting with a neighbor so that both of you can exercise.

No time in the morning? Can you wake up an hour earlier? Or can you exercise during your lunch hour?

Need fresh motivation? Sometimes a new pair of shoes, yoga pants, or even just new music on your MP3 player can help pull you out of the slumps. Sometimes even something so simple as planning a new walking route, or attempting rock climbing for the first time, can make your workouts fresh and exciting.

You are worth it. Your body is worth the effort. Find the roadblock and pass it.

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