Shoplifters Use Excess Fat to Conceal Stolen Goods (VIDEO)

Two women from Edmond, Oklahoma were caught shoplifting from TJ Maxx on Tuesday. I realize this may not sound exciting in and of itself, but wait until you hear how they concealed their stolen goods. Wait for it… here it comes…. belly fatKFOR News Channel 4 reports that the two women used their belly fat, breasts and under-arm fat to hide “four pairs of boots, three pairs of jeans, a wallet and gloves…”

First of all, it amazes me that they even thought to try such a stunt. After the initial wow-you’re-totally-weirding-me-out-man reaction, I was (almost) impressed that they managed to conceal $2,600 in stolen merchandise inside their excess fat and loose skin. That’s some serious initiative! It’s just too bad they didn’t dedicate the same amount of time to working out or coming up with a solid nutrition plan; one that would help eliminate those built-in shoplifting-bags.

It’s reasonable to assume that the women in question belong to a relatively low economic class. I say this because I doubt they would be stealing otherwise. Could this be another point to consider in the correlation between financial stability and obesity?

The suspects, Ailene Brown and Shmeco Thomas are now facing felony charges. Deter shoplifting: one more incentive for slimming down our nation.

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