Sensible Foods Just Make Sense for Dieters

Most of the time when we snack, we just want the act of snacking. Rarely does anyone actually need those extra calories, but most need the boost in nutrition from a healthy snack to help hit your daily nutrition requirements.

Sensible Foods dried fruit and vegetable snacks are the perfect snack for dieters- the calories are almost negligible, they are made from whole foods and they keep your mouth busy with satisfying little crunches. Sensible Foods come in a ton of different flavors, including Apple, Corn, Edemame, Tropical Blend, Strawberry-Banana, Soynut, Cherry Berry, and Orchard Blend. Sensible Snacks uses a process that removes the water while maintaining the product’s cell structure and nutritional value, and intensifies the flavor. The process gives them a shelf life of over two years, and each packet is the equivalent to 1/2 cup of fresh fruit, or 1 serving of your 5 a day. They range in calories, but all clock in at under 100 calories per pouch.

I love healthy foods in all forms, and choose my snacks based more on their nutritional profile than their taste. Being the healthy minority of my mid-20 peer group, I always like to run new healthy food products by some “average” eaters to get their spin. I gave some Cherry Berry to a fruit-a-phobe friend of mine, who quickly demolished the whole packet claiming he loved them because they taste like Fruity Pebbles. This is a true statement, which quickly led to an experiment of whether drowning them in milk would cause them to puff back up into berry form. It did not.

The same friend quickly grabbed a bag of the corn, which at 70 calories a pop, makes a great savory, crunchy snack anytime. Expecting them to taste like Corn Nuts, his first reaction was “Whoa, these actually taste like corn!” Imagine that- food that tastes like real food. I weep for the eating habits of my generation.

These snacks are perfect stocking stuffers for calorie counscious dieters. The fruit is great spinkled on yogurt, mixed in with homemade trail mix, or enjoy straight out of the pouch for a very low calorie snack you can feel good about carrying around. I know mindless eating isn’t something I should condone, but sometimes you just need to zone out in front of the TV with a crunchy snack. Sensible Foods are a no brainer you should keep on hand for just such an occassion.

While Kelly was provided with Sensible Foods for this review, the opinions expressed are her own.

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