Missing the Final Four in Mark’s and Brendan’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

Two more bite the dust and in the wake they leave us with Biggest Loser season 10’s final four. It’s probably not a stretch for anyone who has followed this season to have been shocked to see Elizabeth amongst that group, and Mark Pinhasovitch out of the running, being the season’s final elimination.

“It hurt, I deserved to be final four,” said Mark in our interview. He said Elizabeth wasn’t any less worthy, but that he “worked his butt off” all season and believed he was the right guy for the honor.

The episode’s other casualty was Brendan Donovan, who dominated this season’s game play. A loss of five pounds this week in the weigh-in sent Brendan home immediately, placing him under the red line. Trainer Bob Harper has often been heard saying that game players never win, and that seemed to be the case this time.

Listen now to our interview with Brendan and Mark. Brendan owns up to his game play, but also reminds us to remember the moments when his true self shown through. And Mark is primed and ready to win the at-home prize, hear how he’s preparing.

“I’m not going to lie, I definitely played the game,” says Brendan. Fessed up or not, it was evident from day one. However, we shouldn’t all be remembered for the worst things we’ve ever done, and Brendan also played the role of one of the most generous contestants we’ve ever seen. He gave a car that he won to Patrick, donated $1,000 of prize money he earned to the Warriors in Pink, and donated $1,000 to the Make-A-Wish foundation in memory of contestant Anna Wright‘s son.

As for Mark, there’s no doubt he’s the biggest competition for the at-home prize, having lost more than 173 pounds on and off the ranch. He calls out his biggest competition as being Brendan, “a workhorse” who has lost more than 125 pounds, Adam, “who killed it in the gym,” and Rick, one of the “hardest working people” in the gym.

Both Brendan and Mark admit that the transition to home is harder than expected. “It’s been a difficult process, but I’m working on it,” says Brendan.

Mark said that “you change so much but nothing changes around you.”

Brendan says that his friends still go out and drink, but he can’t do that anymore, digressing that he can still have pizza but everything has to be in moderation.

And Mark says that he has a “normal dinner” before going out with friends so he doesn’t pigout afterward. His job as a bartender really “tested [his] true grit and will”, and seeing how difficult those late hours and that environment was for him, he quit.

Collectively, these two guys have lost more than 250 pounds. That’s enough to add one more guy to this bunch! The best part about that is, there’s not a shred of doubt in either of their commitments to their health that they’ll ever have that much weight to lose again.

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