Kirstie Alley’s 100 Days of Dance Kicks Off at Midnight

Kirstie Alley is starting a national grassroots campaign to promote an active lifestyle for everyone called 100 Days of Dance. You can sign up online and pledge to dance for 30 minutes each day for 100 consecutive days starting on January 1, 2012.

Kirstie managed to lose some weight when she appeared on Dancing With The Stars, and her new 100 Days of Dance movement is her way of getting others to participate in the activity that helped her lose weight, in addition to what she’s lost with her brand Organic Liaison.

The 100 Days of Dance program, was created and sponsored by Organic Liaision, and features Kirstie Alley and dance director Sergey Onik. Both Sergey and Kirstie will be dancing each day and uploading videos on the 100 Days of Dance blog to keep participants motivated. Dancing is a great way to workout, stay active and lose weight all while having fun.

For those wanting to participate in this effort, it doesn’t matter what type of dancing you do. The important thing is that you commit to dancing for 30 minutes each day. You simply sign up on the web site and get ready to dance. The videos uploaded by Kirstie and Sergey will include dance classes, impromptu performances and evening salsa dance sessions. The program is designed to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle through dancing.

100 Days of Dance sounds like an excellent way to get people involved that may be trying to figure out a way to become more active. Dancing has several benefits to your health in addition to burning calories. Dancing can give you a break from the hum-drum activities of the day. It can also help build your confidence, improve your memory and fuel creativity and emotional energy. 100 Days of Dance is only asking that you commit to 30 minutes per day of dancing. That’s a great start to implementing more activity into your day. This positive effort by Kirstie Alley is a great way to get people moving in a fun and healthy way.

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