How to Enjoy Healthier Pies for the Holidays

pumpkin-pieLet’s face it, you aren’t going to be avoiding sweet holiday indulgences altogether. I’ve always been a proponent of all things in moderation. If you want to forego the traditional fatty pies, there are ways to make them a little healthier.

Here are a few recipe suggestions from Kelly Sundstrom at

Pumpkin Pie – The main ingredient (pumpkin) doesn’t contain any fat. And beta-carotene is converted into loads of vitamin A. Current research shows that a diet rich in beta-carotene may reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer and protect against heart disease.

To make a pumpkin pie healthier, replace the condensed milk with a low-fat version. Also, use a pie crust with graham crackers as the base instead of flour and butter. The pie will still be delicious, with significantly lower fat and calories.

Fruit Pies – These pies may sound like they are healthy, but since they are usually made with butter crusts and fruit canned in syrup, not really. To minimize the excess sugar and fat, replace a flour and butter crust with crushed almonds, which can be pressed into a pie pan.

And of course, use only fresh fruit for the filling, combined with a small amount of flour and turbinated sugar. This will lower the sugar content without losing the taste.

Meringue Pie – They’re fluffy and creamy, but fattening if they are made using heavy cream and butter. You can still make the meringue by using low- or non-fat milk and a low-fat graham cracker crust. Scald the non-fat milk in the bottom of the pan repeatedly and incorporate it into the mixture slowly. Using turbinated sugar instead of refined white sugar will lower the total amount in your pie.

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