Here’s the “Raw” Data…

Proponents of eating raw food, take note. A new Italian study shows that cooking veggies doesn’t always render them nutritiously inferior. The study found that raw vegetables were packed with antioxidants. But that after cooking them, the results were mixed. Some lost antioxidants, while others surprisingly gained them!

2 Responses to Here’s the “Raw” Data…

  1. ~~Melissa says:

    I’m fairly new to a raw diet but my understanding is, that it’s specifically the digestive enzymes present in raw food that makes raw preferable to cooked. After 118F, the digestive enzymes present in fruits and veggies lose their effectiveness, and hence the body has to use it’s own reserve of metabolic enzymes to process the food. In other words, eating raw is less taxing on the body. Not to mention, since going raw for just 30 days so far, my long list of bodily complaints/symptoms has almost completely resolved. I’ll leave the nutrient studies to the scientists, but use how I look, feel and my lab results with my doctor to be my guide. So far, so very good. 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    It does seem that you can find studies to support multiple sides of an argument. That said, I don’t think the Italian study on the raw diet is saying it’s a hoax, just that cooking is not always an unwise choice.

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