Healthy Friday Night Habits Will Keep You on Track All Weekend

Friday night, for some, is an evening of indulgence. After a long work week it’s tempting to reward yourself for the hard work of the previous week while celebrating the two days ahead of sleeping in and enjoying your free time.

Instead of making a habit of indulging in a high-calorie dinner and fattening desserts on Friday evenings,  celebrate the end of the week by treating yourself to a nutritious dinner. Your body will thank you later.

Cook dinner at home. You can create a healthy (and budget-friendly) dinner with the items in your fridge on any night of the week, but on Fridays, you can kick back and get a little creative. Let the kids help chop and stir to get the whole family involved.

Don’t skip the pizza. Instead of calling for takeout, make your own pizza at home. Use flat breads from the freezer (such as Flat-Out wraps)  low-fat cheese and your favorite fresh vegetables for a guilt-free veggie pizza night. Pop in your favorite movie and consider yourself rewarded for a long week of work.

Sub soda for H20. Yes, even if you’re an adult, you need your water. Recent studies have even suggested a link between drinking soda and obesity – even if you prefer diet to the “regular stuff.” If your palate is craving carbonation, opt for sparkling water or flavored seltzer.

Lighten up your dessert. Instead of digging into a pint of ice cream, opt for fresh fruit. If your favorite stone fruits, berries or melon are out of season, you’re better off eating canned fruit than no fruit at all.  Del Monte products are packed in 100% juice and delicious when you mix with some fat-free yogurt.

Eating healthy on Friday nights sets the stage for a healthy weekend. What are you tips for making it through the weekend without wrecking your diet?

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