Chelsie Hightower Offers Healthy Holiday Tips and DWTS Workout DVDs

Dancers are notorious for having some of the best bodies in the world. Hours upon hours of cardio can have that effect! Dancing With the Stars pros Chelsie Hightower, Edita Sliwinska and Kym Johnson came together to create two DVDs just in time for the holiday exercise wall that we all run into.

Fat Burning Cardio Dance and Ballroom Buns and Abs are available now. I haven’t tried either of them yet, but I must say that I’m a big fan of dancing to stay fit! Not only does it provide much needed cardio, but it greatly improves the muscle tone, balance and confidence of the individual practicing.

While filming the DVDs, Hightower says that she was “huffing and puffing the whole time” because of the intense drop in activity she experiences in between seasons for Dancing With the Stars. Hightower also told People Magazine her three favorite healthy holiday tips. Besides dancing your butt off any chance you get, Hightower advises:

  • “Eat what you want – in moderation” Hightower believes that the holidays are a good time to “give in and then feel bad about it later.” I don’t completely agree with her philosophy but then again, maybe I should. I mean, seriously. Have you seen her?
  • “Do something active everyday” This is something that I can’t argue with in the slightest. Even when she’s traveling, Hightower spends an hour a day exercising. Your regular workout might not always be possible but a modified holiday workout or travel workout are pretty easy to obtain.
  • “Don’t go it alone” Hightower leans on her mom for support, “Anytime I want to buckle down and do something, my mom and I do it together.” Establishing a workout buddy or a diet buddy is a sure-fire way to stay motivated and be held accountable for slip-ups.

Via: People Magazine

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