Celebrate with Exercise by Throwing a Fitness Party!

A new trend in bachelorette parties may lead to changes in the traditional way we celebrate other special events. Instead of dragging around a half a dozen bride’s maids from bar to bar to consume copious amounts of calorie laden alcoholic beverages only to wake up and feel like hell warmed over for the big wedding day, health minded women are choosing to bond with a special, private yoga and fitness class designed specifically around the bride-to-be.

For example, at Flywheel Sports studio in the Flatiron district of New York brides and their posse can find themselves in a Pilates class infused with some dance and light weights, sweating to songs like “Chapel of Love” before they head out to get their hair and nails done for the ceremony. Yoga for Weddings, a Los Angeles based company who’s slogan “Bringing the Deep Breath to the Big Day” caters to new brides by offering private 90-minute classes with a focus on heart opening poses in preparation for the life changing commitment ahead.

So, if health conscious brides are swapping a night of drunken debauchery to celebrate with exercise, why can’t we do the same for other grand celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas holiday parties or New Year’s Eve events? We can! Here is how you can get started with this new trend in your neighborhood.

Find a willing studio or hire an instructor to come to you.

No business or fitness instructor is going to turn down more business. Even though your local yoga or Pilates studio may have never catered to party peeps before, asking them for a couple of hours to help you kick off your New Year or new adventure will be more than just appreciated, you will be helping add to their bottom line.

Add party favors.

Sure, exercising is great fun but how can you enhance the experience? At Flywheel Sports, participants refueled with sips of champagne and bite-sized cupcakes. Why not sneak in something that is slightly devious? It is a party, after all.

Get creative.

Perhaps not everyone in you want to invite to your special party lives in yoga pants or sleek Pilates tops. That is fine; just find a way to include them. Make sure your instructor offers varying levels and takes the focus off of working hard and emphasizes how fun it can be, and how good it feels to bend, stretch and move.

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