Can a Shirtless President-elect Obama Inspire Others to be Fit?

THIS is going to be our President!

The Internet is abuzz with recently released photos of a shirtless president-elect Barack Obama as he swims in Hawaii. I just came across the buzz and my first reaction was: WOW!

From Clinton jogging to McDonald’s to George W. Bush clocking a few miles, I can’t really say that a president in recent history has made me take a second look. Until now.

Obama’s chest might soon make headlines that are on par to that of what swimmer Michael Phelps experienced this past summer as women of all ages drooled over his beautifully-defined abdominals and the rest of his jaw-dropping 6′ 4″ package.

Ogling and drool aside, let’s look at these photos of president-elect Obama with hope and inspiration. Given that in this country, we have the highest rates of obesity of any other country in the world and given that American childhood obesity is reaching near epidemic levels, how fabulous and motivating is it that we have such a fit president?

Let’s hope that as this pictures of a bathing-suit clad Obama surface all over the Internet and appear in magazines and newspapers, that we might muster up a bit more dedication and discipline to stick to our 2009 New Years resolutions of losing some weight, changing our relationship to food and moving a bit more. As we near one of the most pivotal and ground-breaking Januaries in all of American history,  I believe that Yes, We Can.

Happy New Year.

6 Responses to Can a Shirtless President-elect Obama Inspire Others to be Fit?

  1. Lyn says:

    He is young and healthy and I am glad people are taking note. If he inspires people to be fit, that’s fantastic.

  2. ricky says:

    I love how he wears board shorts!

  3. Israel says:

    Bush is in pretty good shape as well. Let’s see Obama try to maintain his physique over the next 4 years. I imagine he will be able to. I’d like to see him publish his exercise routine somewhere.

  4. Aloha State says:

    Obama is the bomb! You will never see any other President body surf at Sandy Beach.

  5. NSM says:

    Isn’t he a “SMOKER?” I heard smoking kills your appetite.

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