Biggest Loser 7: Aubrey Cheney

Keep up with Aubrey’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Aubrey joins partner and older sister Mandi during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 12 – See the Interview

aubrey cheney biggest loserAge 28

Hometown Gooding, ID

Occupation Information and Education Specialist

Teammate Mandi Kramer, sister

Team Color Yellow

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 249

Final Weight 194

Total Loss -55


  • Lost 2 pounds during 30 days at home.
  • Received a year’s worth of groceries from Mike after he generously gave-up his prize.



Other Spellings Aubry, Audrey, Aubree, Chaney, Cheny

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4 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Aubrey Cheney

  1. webgoddess says:

    I hope we see her returning to the show in a month. Seems like she has what it takes to make it really far this season.

  2. Aubrey Fan says:

    The prettiest of all. Love those ears….lol

    Keep up the hard work and good luck.

  3. Jason says:

    Yeah, she is pretty. A Faith Hill look-a-like with a tattoo. Her and Mandi are both attractive. I’d rate their drive right up there with Tara’s too.

  4. Ashley :D says:

    I think Aubrey REALLY needed to stay on campus for a few more weeks. Really. She has 5 kids! Its so much harder to lose weight at home with 5 kids.

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