Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 12 Recap

Alright we are now officially down to the Final 4, Michelle, Ed, Heba and Vicky, and you can definitely feel the pressure the contestants are under throughout episode 12. This episode began with Michelle coming to terms that her mother Renee had just been voted off, and that she would now have to continue her weight loss journey on her own. We see the remaining Blue team members celebrating the fact that they had escaped elimination and all had a chance to be finalist.

As in every episode there is a ton of working out, but this week seemed different. There wasn’t any of the usual whining, or complaining, about the workouts, all contestants seemed to have only one goal in mind, “Becoming a Finalist.” I personally am impressed with the determination and dedication each contestant seemed to show this last week.

The challenge was very eye opening, contestants had an opportunity to shed their weight for a second time. Contestants were asked to pile back on the pounds they lost using weighted vests. They then had to complete two full laps around a race track. They were allowed to shed the weight at certain points throughout the track that reflected their previous week’s weight loss. The race really ended up being between two contestants- Ed and Michelle. The race seemed to be relatively close throughout but in the end Ed won out and received 10,000 dollars and The Biggest Loser Meal Plan for his victory.

Next was elimination. Every week it’s always nail biting for me, but this week was different. Vicky weighed in first, then Heba, both lost a good amount of weight. Ed however weighed in next and somehow gained 2 pounds, “Interesting!” I think Bob summed it up best by saying there was definitely game play involved. Finally Michelle weighs in and drops an incredible 9 pounds which solidifies her place as a finalist. In the end, both Heba and Ed find themselves below the yellow line. Now who is in the finals is up to you, as America votes!

Be sure to tune into finale and see how it all turns out. I’ll be there at the live finale to interview contestants, so be sure to come back and visit to get an inside look at the Biggest Loser: Families finale.

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