Antoine Dove Proposes to Alexandra White on Biggest Loser Finale

antoine and alexandra proposalAfter being eliminated in weeks one and two, respectively, Alexandra White and Antoine Dove kept in touch. But unlike most contestants who remain friends following elimination, these two were doing much more than offering moral support, they were falling in love.

After her elimination, Alexandra admitted to having a crush on fellow contestant Antoine, and then announced that the two had begun dating. Two weeks later Antoine confirmed the relationship, boasting about the positive impact the two were having on each other’s weight loss journeys.

In an unexpected, and unprecedented, moment on the Biggest Loser 8 finale, Antoine dropped to one knee in front of a joyous audience and a shocked Alexandra.

antoine and alexandra engagedProfessing his love to her in a tearful speech, Antoine offered Alexandra a positively dazzling diamond engagement ring. Meanwhile, Alison Sweeney had to shoosh the audience so that the couple could hear one another!

With tears streaming, and kisses and hugs being exchanged, the newly engaged couple returned to their seats on the stage and wrapped up the beginning of the rest of their lives.

The couple plans to reside in Alexandra’s home town of Harrisburg, PA so that she can complete school.

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