Amanda Arlauskas One Year after Biggest Loser

Although she feels exhausted and sore, Amanda Arlauskas says “I feel accomplished” after a week at the Biggest Loser Resort. Just one year after her Biggest Loser season eight finale, in which she was a finalist, Amanda is still making health and wellness a priority.

We had a chance to speak with Amanda during her time at Fitness Ridge, a place she calls tough, fun and challenging. Hear from her what a week is like at this incredible fitness destination in Ivins, Utah, as well as what life is like after “Loser.”

“I’m here for a reason, and I think if I’m going to come out here and spend a week doing this then I’m really going to make sure it’s worth it,” says Amanda about her decision not to skip any of the daily nutrition lectures nor the fitness classes that take up seven hours a day.

One of her favorite hikes, something resort guests do to start each morning, was “stop sign,” a four-mile hike on gravel and pavement through the beautiful mountains with a steady incline the entire way to the top. It’s one of the most challenging hikes guests will experience, and one of the most rewarding. “I’ve seen so many people have their picture taken at that stop sign,” said Amanda. And when she got to the top? “I kissed it!”

These days you can find Amanda traveling the country working as a motivational speaker, which she talks about on her web site. She visits colleges talking about how her life has changed and how these busy students can change theirs, and names the job as one of the things that holds her accountable. “I’m real about what happens in my life.”

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