Acai Berry: Hype or Real Super Food?

The latest in Super Foods looks a bit more like the Who’s Who list in Hollywood with its revolving door of the best and most nutrient-dense natural eats.  One of the current super stars is the acai berry which comes from  Central and Latin America. Tasting like a cross between red wine and chocolate, the acai berry boasts a plethora of disease-fighting antioxidants as well as amino acids, fiber and essential fatty acids. This A-lister fruit has food and supplement manufacturers creating product after product that contains its magic ingredients.

But what about other supposed Super Foods, like blueberries, raspberries and green tea? Does the acai berry push them a few rungs down on the Super Food ladder? No, says Ed Runz, a columnist for the Daily Herald. He and other health experts warn against being a Super Food monogamist and instead continue to focus on getting your nutrients from a variety of fruits and veggies. Eating your broccoli, even though it may not be as exotic as sipping a tropical acai berry smoothie is just as important and beneficial to your health as making these newer Super Foods a mainstay of your diet.

4 Responses to Acai Berry: Hype or Real Super Food?

  1. Acai drinker says:

    I am hearing a lot at the moment about the acai berry, and its health benefits. This little black berry comes from a palm tree in the Amazon, and is renowned as a powerful antioxidant, and for increasing your energy. Lot of research to be done yet.

  2. Acai Berry says:

    I have just started to use this Acai berry actually, and already see some changes ( well at least I think) as somehow my body seems to work like ”better” , If I will be able to lose 20pounds with this till summer that would be AWESOME!

  3. jenetia hines says:

    OMG!!! DO NOT order these on line….they advertize FREE sample…and it is not…..they use your credit card to keep sending you more and BILLING and BILLING YOU>….it is the BIGGEST scam ever!
    jenetia hines

  4. Acai Berry has so many wonderful health benefits from being a great source of antioxidants and omega acids to even showing signs of killing cancer cells. It is also being used in many energy drinks and diet products and even some alcoholic beverages now. From what I have read there is still a lot more to learn about this marvelous tiny purple fruit 🙂

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