Yoga Helps Maintain Buttock Lift Procedure Known as the S-Curve

For years now, society has placed an emphasis on breast augmentation, making it the top cosmetic surgical procedure in the U.S. However, recent trends are starting to show that more and more women are becoming less concerned about having exaggerated breast sizes because they’re more concerned about obtaining the “S-Curve” look…a curvier buttock shape.

The S-Curve Buttock Lift is the latest trending plastic surgery procedure that everyone’s not only talking about, but actually having done. Though it’s not new, it’s recently been altered so that it’s much safer than before and results are much more predictable. The surgery consists of taking natural body fat from other parts of the woman’s body, such as her abdominals, thighs and even arms, and shifting it to her derriere in order to give a more shapely and sexy silhouette. The goal is to mimic famous rumps like those on Kim Kardashian or Pippa Middleton.

So what does yoga have to do with all of this? Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a global leader in performing and perfecting this operation, works with a trained yoga instructor who has designed customized yoga routines that aid S-Curve procedure patients in continued maintenance of their new and improved curvy buttocks. These yoga routines are designed to help improve the patient’s muscle strength and development that in turn improves blood flow. Patients are advised to start the yoga program before their procedure is done and continue with it afterwards with a more advanced routine. These advanced yoga poses will aid in maintaining, toning and optimizing the patient’s new body shape.

Our resident yoga expert, Jill Lawson, says, “Aside from the coveted ‘yoga butt,’ the benefits of yoga are tremendous. Will it help women with their S-Curve Buttock Lift surgery? Perhaps, but the most important issue it will help women with is improving their self esteem. If more women did yoga on a regular basis, they probably wouldn’t want to seek out an expensive surgery that alters the way they appear to the rest of the world.”

That may be so, but Dr. Ghavami is finding interest in this surgery the world over. While his practice is based in Beverly Hills, California, he lectures surgeons from around the world on this procedure and has many times been asked to teach the procedure to visiting surgeons. “It is an honor to have a procedure I am so passionate about gain the attention of colleagues of mine from around the world. Surgeons are excited to learn from what I have learned,” said Dr. Ghavami at

The demand for the S-Curve procedure increased following last year’s royal wedding when the whole world got a glimpse of the maid of honor’s rear. One cosmetic surgery center even named their buttock lift procedure after Pippa Middleton, calling it the “The Pip Package Perfect Posterior.” No word on whether or not the famous sister to Kate does yoga to naturally maintain her curves.

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