Turbo Kick: Everything a Beginner Needs to Know

When you’re stuck in a workout rut, a fun, exciting exercise class is a great way to add a little energy back into your workout routine. Turbo Kick, created by Chalene Johnson, is a high energy class that mixes hip hop with kickboxing and burns up to 1,000 calories per hour.

“Turbo Kick challenges participants physically as well as mentally,” said Susanna Kalnes, a Chicago-based Area Promotions Director for Powder Blue Productions. “It’s a great cardiovascular workout because it improves psychological well-being and is proven to help participants have fun while losing weight.”

Since its creation in 1997, Turbo Kick has developed a huge following and inspired hundreds of people to lose weight, tone up and achieve their health and fitness goals. The Turbo Kick workout consists of a sport specific warm-up, sections devoted to punches, kicks and combination workouts, a high-paced interval section, recovery and a high-energy finale. Each round is set to motivating music that will make you want to move.

“I lost over 30 lbs doing Turbo Kick and was inspired to become an instructor,” said Kalnes. “Now, I train others who want to become Turbo Kick instructors.  This workout not only transformed my body, but my entire outlook on life. Exercise is fun for me now, not a chore.”

TurboKick is a full-body workout but with moves like the “Turbo Tuck” and the “Zig/Zag” it especially helps whittle your waistline and develop a stronger core muscle group.

Turbo Kick is a choreographed format but to keep participants from hitting a plateau, new workouts are released every 6-8 weeks. Most instructors say it takes about 3-4 classes to catch on since the format is so choreographed.

“Even if you’ve never taken a kickboxing class, you can still catch on to the class. It helps if you’ve had prior dance experience, but it isn’t necessary,” said Kalnes. “All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn.”

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