Tracey Yukich – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

tracey yukichEvery season of Biggest Loser has “that” player, the one who rubs the contestants and the fans the wrong way. In Tracey Yukich‘s case, even the trainers. Last night, the game got the best of the game player as she was eliminated by the majority of her fellow contestants.

But don’t think that Tracey’s feeling down on herself. Quite the opposite. She’s doing really well at home, and proud of this new Tracey.

Listen now as she tells us about the strained relationship she had with Bob and Jillian, and what it’s like today; as well as why she’s so grateful she got to take on that one-mile run once again.

As Tracey told us she has a wonderful relationship with Bob and Jillian today, she says the strained-on-TV relationships she had with the contestants has also changed, and that she has “amazing, great” relationships with them.

When asked if she played the game too hard, and remembering Alison Sweeney’s comment that her choices came back to bite her, Tracey adamantly confirms she has no regrets. Due to the choices she made in the beginning of the game, she says she’s not at all surprised how people have reacted to her. In her own defense, she says she did what she had to do to stay in the game.

“This was my time to do things my way instead of trying to please everyone else,” Tracey says of her strategy on the show.

Knowing how she came across on the show, and the reaction from fans, she was DVRed each episode and watched before letting her children. She said her kids, like any others, look up to her, their mom, as a superhero, and she didn’t want the show to skew their feelings about their mom.biggest loser tracey

It’s that role as a mom that not only helped land Tracey on the Biggest Loser ranch, but also helped her thrive back at home. She’s including herself on the list of to-dos these days, and making her needs as important as everyone else’s. She’s not revealing her current weight given that finale is five weeks away, but it was clear on her Where Are They Now that the Tracey at home is fit, strong and healthy.

How does this busy wife and mom of four do it? She has a strict, concise schedule for herself, one that she says works for her and her family. She’s up by 4:00 a.m. each day, and spends three hours in the gym doing her extreme workouts while her family sleeps. She’s then home in time to make lunches and get the kids out the door for school. And then it’s back to her daily routine of running the household and shuffling kids to dance and sports. She says she’s not the best homemaker these days, but she doesn’t freak about chores not being done. She knows it’s OK for now.

In addition to learning that it’s OK to let the little things go to care for herself, she learned a few other things from Jillian.

For one, she learned that it’s OK to ask for help. Everyone needs it, and it doesn’t make her weak to ask for it.

She also learned that’s it’s OK for people not to like you. And she’s OK with that. Jillian encouraged Tracey to know that as long as she likes herself and knows where she stands, then nothing else matters.

Tracey remains upbeat, motivated and encouraged to continue her journey and says “for the first time I’m starting something, then I’m going to finish it.” She says you won’t find a “coulda-woulda-shoulda-Tracey” anymore.

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