Shop Hard, Eat Smart this Black Friday with The Fresh Diet

Looking for a holiday gift that gives back? Then you might be interested in The Fresh Diet and the gourmet meals and snacks they deliver right to your door. Founded in 2005 by a Le Courdon Bleu trained chef, this Florida-based company creates mouthwatering dishes for its clients to help them eat better without sacrificing taste.

Each dish is based on a balance of 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% “good” fats; however, clients have total control over what dishes make it onto their own daily menu. Once clients decide what foods they want to incorporate into their day, The Fresh Diet’s team of chefs whip up their daily set of meals and deliver it fresh. In fact, this  meal planning service  prides itself in never serving frozen, freeze-dried, or vacuum packed meals. This means you can expect great taste every time a meal shows up on your doorstep.

If that’s not enough, nutrition professionals are available to help clients with more specific nutrition needs. In fact, they will work with you to develop dishes that meet your unique needs and still satisfy your hunger.

If you are curious about The Fresh Diet, this holiday season may be the perfect time to try it out for yourself.  Instead of worrying about eating too much or overindulging on sweets, The Fresh Diet team take care of your holiday eating plans. Consider it a head start on your healthy eating resolutions you have planned for the new year.

To get this head start, take advantage of the special Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals that The Fresh Diet are serving up this year.

Clients can get a fresh, healthy, calorie-portioned meal delivered to their door for as little as 24.99 a day – the lowest price ever offered for this unique healthy eating program! The sample menu includes 3 meals, 1 dessert and 2 snacks daily; however, you get to choose your own meals and enjoy the foods you know your taste buds will love.

Looking to save even more? Check out these additional deals available this weekend only:

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion:

  • Buy 1 month at only $26.99 per day
  • Buy 2 months at only $25.99 per day
  • Buy 3 months or more for just $24.99 per day and lock in at that rate

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