Saturday Morning Drill: 5 Minutes to a Fit Backside

I pride myself on several things. I keep things simple, giving beginners confidence to start their fitness journeys. I keep it real, working in the real world and dealing with the challenges that real women face trying to get fit. I can lift a backside better than anyone in town.

I often get compliments from clients (and their husbands) on the lift they’ve been given in their backsides since working with me. I can see it in their progress pictures, too. Where there was once flatness there is now curves. Where there was sagging there is now shape. I feel I have found my calling – to help women lift their derrieres.

If your backside isn’t as shapely as you’d like try this 5-minute routine just two times per week. It’s only 5 minutes so no rest! Warm up before with some light calisthenics like jogging in place or jumping jacks. When you are done make sure to stretch out those glutes.

Don’t forget: To rock your jeans through the fall and into winter you must eat clean as well! Try my Iron Woman Smoothie to refuel after your workout and give your muscles the building blocks they need to create a better backside.

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